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Woburn Sands and Aspley Heath War Casualties
and the Woburn Sands War Memorial

Woburn Sands - Where the Memorial originally stood

This research was originally written in 2000, and kindly published by the Woburn Sands Town Council in 2001. Further research and newly discovered details have now been added to this version.

This page is growing ever larger, and I have split it into parts to be more manageable:

1. The 1914 - 1918 War and its affect on Woburn Sands
This section includes links to individual pages on each of the World War One names on the Woburn Sands War Memorial, and details on others connected with Woburn Sands who lost their lives, and the story of the erection of the memorial after the war.

2. The Knoll School Cross
The Old Boys of The Knoll Prep School, Aspley Heath, who are commemorated by a cross in the grounds.

3. Between the Wars and The Second World War
Links to individual pages for each of the World War Two names on the Woburn Sands Memorial, the names on a plaque in Nat West Bank, others connected with Woburn Sands who lost their lives in World War Two, and what happened to the Memorial since.

I will add in any new information as it comes to light.

Where the Memorial originally stood, in The Square, outside The Swan.

Research & Acknowledgements

Readers interested in researching other service men who lost their lives are directed to The Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the “Soldiers Died in the Great War” indexes which are available at larger libraries, and County Record Offices.

This project started out as research into the World War I casualties of the town, and therefore I have not covered the World War II casualties in the same depth. Perhaps someone at a later date will, as it needs a greater depth of research than I am currently able to give.

The Army records for the First World War were badly burned in the Blitz. Only about a third survived, and these were damaged, not only by the fire, but also the water used in extinguishing the flames. The National Archives has microfilmed the records, as the originals are not in a fit state to be handled. I have looked through these, and included what I could here.

The born, resided and enlisted details come from “Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19”. This index lists all fatal casualties by regiment, along with how and where killed. It has been issued as a searchable CD-ROM by Naval and Military Press Ltd. Whether some of the residences listed as Woburn Sands are correct is debatable, as men from other local villages seem to have used the town name as an all encompassing area.

If you are able to expand on any of the details here, or have photos of any of the other men, I would be very interested to hear from you.

For assistance in compiling the history of the War Memorial and those names upon it, I would like to thank:

Woburn Sands Town Council
Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Services
Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The National Archives
The Naval and Military Press Ltd "Soldiers Died in the Great War"
The National Archives of Canada
The National Archives of Australia
Woburn Sands and District Society
London Public Library, Ontario
Mr C. P. Lawson, Aylesbury [Please contact me! I have lost touch with you...] 
Mrs Dolly Mills, Woburn Sands
Mr Peter Boon, Woburn Sands
Mrs Diane Sutton, Walnut Tree
Mr R. Davidson, New Zealand
Mr Charles Bradley
Both Beds. and Bucks. County Library Services
Members of the Great War Forum Discussion Board, especially Will O'Brien
Members of the Mercentile Marine Discussion Board
Members of World Naval Ships Forum Discussion Board, especially Terry Dickens
The Malayan Volunteers Group
Mr Steve Fuller and his excellent website, "The Bedfordshire Regiment in the Great War"

...and the many other personal contributors, local, national and international, and those websites and indexes that make information available in order that these sacrifices are not forgotton.

© Paul Cox 2001 - 2010