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"To a Lady Netting" by Jeremiah Holmes Wiffen, from "Aonian hours; and Other Poems" (1819)

Lady! cease the web thou'rt weaving,
   Added spells we well can spare,
Eyes alone, our hearts bereaving,
   Sure must prove sufficient snare;
Dim will be the web thou weavest,
   Yet---O, yet---
Pause! a deeper charm thou givest,
   Eyes should be thy brightest net.

Lady! be the thread thou twinest,
   Firm as diamond, thin as air,
Tangling tresses are divinest
   Our affections to ensnare,
Twined around thy brow by zephyr;
   Yet---O, yet---
Pause thee in thy young endeavour!
   Tresses be thy firmest net.

Lady! weave thy web no longer,
   Lest we burst so frail a chain,
But if thou would'st choose a stronger,
   Give us thy sweet voice again;

Those Orphean tones enchain me,
   Yet---O, yet---
From thy purposed work refrain thee,
   Song should be thy sweetest net.

Lady! though our hearts oppose thee
   In the spell thy fingers wind,
But one smile from lips so rosy,
   Our opposing would unbind,
Like a ray o'er winter's river;
   Yet---O, yet---
Drop this arrow from thy quiver,
   Smiles should be thy loveliest net.

Beaming eyes and twining tresses,
   Sunny smile and kindling song,
All the spells that can oppress us,
   Lady! to thyself belong,
And already may we rue them;
   Then---O, then---
Cease thy meshes, or undo them;
   Beauty be our only chain!

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