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Marriages at St. Michaels, Aspley Heath
1884 - 1899
[WS = Woburn Sands, (Dec) = Deceased]
30 Jan 1884 George Wheeler Full Gardener WS Charles Wheeler Labourer
Caroline Sell Full WS James Smith Horse Dealer
19 Feb 1884 Edward Circuit 20 Tailor 31 Spencer Road, Northampton George Circuit Straw Manufacturer
Annie Garratt 19 The Leys WS Thomas Garratt Labourer
23 Jul 1884 Alfred King 32 Baker Rixeley John King Policeman
Mary Anne Bayes 31 Hardewick, WS Robert Bayes (dec) Bricklayer
1 Sep 1884 Andrew White 33 Gardener 42 Edward Rd Bedford George White Labourer
Elizabeth Pikesley 33 Weathercock Lane, WS Joseph Pikesley (dec) Carpenter
7 Apr 1885 Tom Brandon 28 Decorator Wavendon Thomas Brandon Painter
Harriett Giles 26 Aspley Heath John Giles Timber Merchant
16 Apr 1885 Joseph Perry 31 Carpenter WS John Perry Sawyer
Sarah Ann Ayres 32 WS William Ayres Labourer
27 May 1885 Fred Emmerton 24 Tailor WS Archibold Emmerton Sawyer
Rose Ellen Dudley 24 WS James Dudley Brick Merchant
9 Jul 1885 John Adams 21 Gardener WS John Adams Carpenter
Eliza Jenkins 22 WS James Jenkins Labourer
12 Oct 1885 Richard Hard 35 Brick Maker WS Richard Hard (dec) Brickmaker
Lydia Keightely 33 WS Samuel Keightley (dec) Labourer
22 Dec 1885 Clagget William Caird 29 Clerk Swansea Charles Clagget Caird Prof. of Music
Annie Maria Page 28 Hardwicke, WS John Elliott Page Merchant
11 May 1885 Frederick Going 27 Hay Tier WS Nathan Going Hay Tier
Harriet Salt Perry 24 WS John Perry Sawyer
7 Sep 1885 Walter Bailey 25 Farmer WS Robert Bailey Hotel Keeper
Alice Emma Luttman 23 WS John Taylor Luttman Farmer
25 Dec 1885 Sydney John White 20 Labourer WS Joseph White Labourer
Caroline Smith (Jackson) 20 WS Thomas Jackson Labourer
9 Jun 1886 Frederick William Smith 28 Labourer WS Frederick James Smith Labourer
Elizabeth Smith 23 WS John Smith Labourer
2 Aug 1886 Charles Henry Beck 34 Builder WS James Beck Grocer
Adelade Eleanor Kench 20 WS John William Kench ~
15 Sep 1886 Alfred Page 22 Labourer WS Henry Page Labourer
Sarah Fanny Rayner 20 WS George Rayner Labourer
14 Mar 1887 Alfred Edwin Cook 24 Foreman Forester WS Samuel Cook Foreman Forester
Phebe Elmer 26 WS Samuel Elmer Dealer
23 Mar 1887 Alfred Millins 29 Stone Mason WS William Millins (dec) Labourer
Mary Ann Young 23 Schoolmistress WS William Young Bricklayer
7 Apr 1885 John Bass 22 Miller Hulcote Philip Bass Miller
Sarah Jane Dolton 21 WS George Dolton Builder
2 May 1887 William King 21 Labourer WS Jesse King Labourer
Mary Gilks 19 WS William Gilks Carter
14 Jul 1887 Alfred James Charke 24 Labourer WS James Clarke Hay Tier
Harriett Collins 23 WS James Collins Labourer
1 Sep 1887 Thomas Charles Sargeant 25 Engineer St Giles Northampton Joseph Sargeant Farmer
Laura Annie Hutton 25 WS Frederick Hutton Builder
16 Apr 1888 Thomas Greenwood 24 Harness Maker Stratford (Essex) William Greenwood Carpenter
Jane Elmer 23 WS Samuel Elmer Dealer
15 Aug 1888 George Smith 32 Gardener Hascomb, Surrey John Smith Corn Chandler
Ann Pikesley 32 WS Joseph Pikesley Deceased
26 Aug 1888 George Clare 22 Labourer WS James Clare Deceased
Emma Poulton 19 WS ~ Deceased
26 Aug 1888 Henry Charles Bodsworth 20 Sawyer WS William Bodsworth Labourer
Amelia Munn 21 WS Henry Munn Deceased
29 Aug 1888 Harry Hildyard Hill 28 Jeweller Wetheringsett cum Brodford Charles Hill Baptist Min.
Annie Elizabeth Dovey 21 WS George Dovey Jeweller
11 Oct 1888 William Charles Byway 24 Labourer WS William Byway Labourer
Martha Ann Hubbard 24 WS Robert Hubbard Bricklayer
17 Oct 1888 Thomas Smith 40 Gardener Aspley Guise Thomas Smith (dec) Labourer
Catherine Mary Wickman 36 WS Henry Wickman (dec) Sailor
22 Oct 1888 Francis Amos Bowler 19 Labourer Weathercock Lane WS John Bowler Labourer
Annie Elizabeth Webb 17 Weathercock Lane WS Daniel Webb Labourer
10 Dec 1888 William Smith 50 Milkman Kempston ~ ~
Selina Smith 33 WS Frederick Smith Painter
1 Jan 1889 Charles Whitbread 24 Labourer Aspley Guise Thomas Whitbread Labourer
Annie Elizabeth Barker 20 WS Josiah Barker Groom
22 Apr 1889 William Farmer 26 Labourer WS John Farmer Labourer
Emma Butcher 19 WS George Butcher Labourer
24 Apr 1889 Walter Joseph Smith 23 Letter Carrier WS Frederick Smith painter
Amelia Caroline Hill 24 WS John Hill (dec) Gardener
8 Jun 1889 Harry James Chapman 22 Hairdresser WS James Chapman (dec) Grocer
Laurie Smith 19 Clifton, Bedfordshire John Smith Tailor
10 Jun 1889 George Tansley 20 Blacksmith WS James Tansley Coal Yard Man
Emily Jane White 22 WS Joseph White Plasterer
1 Aug 1889 James Thomas Page 21 Insurance Agent WS William Page Coach Builder (dec)
Elizabeth Garrett 21 WS Thomas Garrett Gardener
5 Aug 1889 Walter Keep 20 Labourer WS Charles Keep Labourer
Caroline Smith (Jackson) 20 WS William Smith Labourer (dec)
24 Oct 1889 Joseph Chance 26 Butcher 7 Alpha Place, Saffron Waldron Joseph Chance (dec) Keeper
Mary Minnie Jeffery 24 School Teacher Chapel Street WS Thomas Jeffery (dec) Blacksmith
25 Nov 1889 William Munn 19 Labourer WS Henry Munn (dec) Labourer
Mary Jane Farmer 21 WS John Farmer Labourer
17 Dec 1889 David John Howlett 25 Carpenter Nelling Enoch Howlett (dec) Labourer
Naomi Dawborn 26 WS Alfred Dawborn Labourer
23 Dec 1889 Fred Tyers 26 Gardener WS Edward John Tyers (dec) Bootmaker
Emma Whiting 25 WS Benjamin Whiting Parish clerk
24 Mar 1890 Sengin Smith 23 Carpenter Joiner St Andrews parish, Kettering John Smith Labourer
Elizabeth Smith 24 WS Frederick James Smith Carter
16 Jun 1890 William Henry Giles 21 Plasterer WS Levi Giles Labourer
Mary Ann Cooper 19 Aspley Guise Joseph Cooper (dec) Tailor
20 Jun 1890 Waletr George Smith 21 Painter WS John Smith (dec) Plumber
Annie Rice 24 WS Joseph Rice Blacksmith
1 Sep 1890 William Litchfield 20 Labourer WS Frederick Litchfield Labourer
Julia West 20 WS George Hadden Labourer
15 Sep 1890 Thomas George Giles 24 Labourer Aspley Heath Levi Giles Labourer
Maude Pearce 22 Aspley Heath Jacob Pearce Rope Maker
14 Oct 1890 Frederick Stephen Pelissier 28 Diamond Merchant Finchley Jean Frederick Antoine Pelissier Diamond Merchant
Ethel Mary Cox 20 WS Cornelious Cox (dec) Member of London Stock Exchange
20 Jan 1891 Harry Hall 24 Blacksmith WS Thomas Hall Labourer
Annie Shouler 22 WS William Shouler (dec) Labourer
10 Aug 1891 Frederick Willian Nurse 24 Printer Lexdon Essex George Nurse (dec) Carpenter Foreman
Mary Ann Burgess 26 WS Thomas Burgess (dec) Painter and Plumber
7 Sep 1891 James Henry Berry 26 Coachman Aspley Heath Joseph Berry Farmer
Georgina Barker Ireland 38 Aspley Heath George Ireland Shoemaker
6 Oct 1891 Philip Wimbush 31 Job Master Court House, North Finchley Henry Wimbush
Lena Emilie Hawkins 26 WS Thomas Jeremiah Hawkins Surgeon
20 Oct 1891 Willian Smith 44 Upholsterer St Thomas parish, Nottingham David Smith (dec) Drayman
Eliza Jane Ball 41 WS William Ball Coachman & Findner?
19 Aug 1892 Frederik Charles Dolton 25 Labourer WS Thomas Dolton (dec) Sawyer
Mary Holmes 29 WS Thomas Holmes (dec) Labourer
20 Sep 1892 George Robert Parsons 28 Baker Chipping Onger Essex George Robert Parsons (dec) Baker
Ellen Roe 28 WS Edward Roe Retired Grocer
7 Nov 1892 Arthur Farmer 25 Labourer WS John Farmer Labourer
Sarah Ann Bowler 20 WS John Francis? Bowler Labourer
14 Feb 1893 Herbert Henry Hunt 30 Relieving Officer Dartford Kent John Henry Hunt Farmer
Abigail Edith Barratt 28 WS John Sail Barratt Station Master
6 Jul 1893 John Burt 45 Railway Porter WS James Burt (dec) Carter
Emma Dent 40 WS Thomas Dunekby Letter Carrier
23 Sep 1893 James Holland Stairs 28 Foreman Farm Labourer Great Linford Bucks John Stairs (dec) Farmer
Louisa Kate Baker 28 WS George Baker Retired Farmer
30 Oct 1893 William Charles Robinson 24 Labourer WS Charles Robinson Labourer
Elizabeth Butcher 21 WS George Butcher Labourer
4 Dec 1893 Reuben Henry Fisher 21 Labourer WS John Fisher (dec) Labourer
Emily Edith Gooding 18 WS John Gooding Labourer
24 Apr 1894 Edward Lewin 28 Manager of Mercantile Office 23 University Road, Belfast Elisha Lewin (dec) Painter and Decorator
Margaret Clara Chisnall 27 WS Thomas Chisnall Painter and Decorator
18 Jun 1894 Herbert Bower 28 Locomotive Fireman 39 Burlington Street, Upper Thorpe Sheffield Enoch Bower (dec) Shere? Tender and Setter
Elizabeth Rice 26 WS Joseph RIce Blacksmith
25 Dec 1894 Frederick Crute 29 Labourer WS Robert Crute Gardener
Emma Smith 26 WS Frederick James Smith Carter
2 Jan 1895 Alfred Walter Chibnall 31 Book Binder Aspley Guise Alfred Chibnall Builder
Louisa Mary Freeman 28 WS Charles Freeman Builder
11 Jun 1895 Frederick Clarke 28 Labourer WS James Clarke Hay Tier
Eliza Jane Cox 24 WS George Alfred Cox Labourer
28 Aug 1895 George Farrell Page Chapman 23 Verger at the Savoy? Chapel WS James Page Chapman Retired Police Officer
Kate Elizabeth White 21 WS Joseph White Labourer
12 Sep 1895 Arthur Edward Filsell 22 Groom WS Edward James Filsell Groom
Charlotte Ayres 30 WS William Ayres Labourer
25 Sep 1895 Erasmus George Dovey 26 Watchmaker WS George Dovey (dec) Jeweller
Ellen Turney 26 WS Henry Thomas Turney (dec) Miller and Corn Merchant
14 Oct 1895 Thomas Pashler Fortescue 29 Ironmonger Fenny Stratford Gerrard Fortescue Farmer
Kate Maude Chisnall 21 WS Thomas Chisnall (dec) Plumber and Painter
23 Oct 1895 Joseph George Henry King 32 Joiner WS Joseph John King Wheelwright
Clara Jane White 27 WS Joseph White Labourer
11 Dec 1895 Thomas Henry Nightingale 32 Attendant on the Insane Springfield House Kempston Thomas Nightingale (dec) Bricklayer
Ellen Crane 31 WS William Crane Labourer
23 Dec 1895 John William Coleman 22 Labourer WS William Levi Coleman Labourer
Julia Lancaster Line 19 WS William Lancaster Gooding Labourer
25 Dec 1895 Edwin Thomas Peppitt 24 Herdsman Husborne Crawley James Peppit Mill Attendant
Ada Rice 25 WS Joseph Rice Farrier
17 Feb 1896 Charles Makeham 23 Groom WS Charles Makeham Sheppard
Sarah Elizabeth Matthews 22 WS Alfred Thomas Matthews Bootmaker
18 Feb 1896 John Blake Fletcher Grace 24 Baker WS Joseph Grace Baker
Mary Ellen Clarke 25 WS Charles Clarke Sawyer
6 Apr 1896 James Pearce 35 Rope Maker Aspley Heath Jacob Pearce Rope Maker
Jane Healey 37 Aspley Heath James Healey Machinist
25 May 1896 Arthur Palmer 28 Coachman St Margarets parish, Ipswich Frederick Palmer Farmer
Mary Jane Dudley 25 WS Charles Dudley Brickmaker
25 May 1896 William Henry Naish 24 Clerk in the Post Office Pound House, May Road, Twickenham Edward Henry Naish Bootmaker
Annie Susan Roberts 23 WS George William Roberts Gardener
28 May 1896 George Arnold 35 Labourer WS William Arnold Labourer
Charlotte Sharpe 31 WS Henry Sharpe Labourer
10 Jun 1896 Hattil Hines 22 Coachman WS John Hines (dec) Sawyer
Elizabeth Clarke 23 WS James Clarke Hay Tier
30 Jun 1896 Richard Knight Purser 30 Journalist Christ Church, Somers?Town Richard Purser House Decorator
May Elizabeth Purser 23 WS George Purser House Decorator
4 Jul 1896 John Kemp 55 Accountant WS George Kemp (dec) Licenced Victualler
Emily Jane Smith Minter 25 Aspley Guise Charles Minter Manager of Printing Office
20 Jul 1896 Francis Garrett 22 Labourer WS Thomas Garrett Gardener
Lilly May Barrett 21 WS Thomas Barrett Retired Policeman
3 Aug 1896 Harry Miller 18 Labourer WS William Miller Labourer
Caroline Dolton 23 WS Thomas Dolton Labourer
28 Nov 1896 George Edwin Sheldon 24 Traveller? WS John Edwin Sheldon Signal Man
Catherine Clara Fennessy 27 Holy Trinity, Leicester Michael Fenessy Mechanic
17 Feb 1897 Thomas Dolton 21 Labourer WS Thomas Dolton (dec) Labourer
Elizabeth Rolls 20 WS George Rolls Labourer
25 Feb 1897 Leonard George Adams 23 Labourer WS John Adams Labourer
Caroline Mary Jackson 29 WS Charles Jackson Labourer
7 Jun 1897 William Griffin 24 Soldier WS Joseph Griffin Brickmaker
Lucy Whiteman 22 WS John Whiteman (dec) Labourer
3 Jul 1897 William Robert Clarke 23 Labourer Bow Brickhill Thomas Clarke (dec) Labourer
Mary Jane Butcher 21 WS George Butcher Labourer
3 Aug 1897 Thomas Alfred Hollis 23 Labourer St Marys Haversham William Hollis Labourer
Ellen Munn 25 WS Henry Munn Labourer
9 Aug 1897 Charles Haines 22 Groom High Street Fenny Stratford Charles Haines Shepherd
Kate Rice 22 WS Joseph Rice Blacksmith
19 Aug 1897 Samuel Richard Honeywill 31 Butler Horsham Surrey Richard Honeywill (dec) Cab Proprietor
Louise Jackson 24 WS Thomas Jackson Gardener
1 Sep 1897 Charles James Slebbing 40 Farmer Oldham, Lancs Robert Revel Slebbing (dec) Farmer
Sarah Jane Frost 36 WS Thomas Frost (dec) Shoe Manufacturer
26 Oct 1897 Edward Henry Atterbury 31 Bricklayer WS George Atterbury Brick Layer
Harriet Gess 26 WS George Gess (dec) Labourer
29 Nov 1897 George Collins 22 Labourer WS Thomas Collins Labourer
Margaret Louise Bartlett 27 WS Joseph Bartlett Traveller
30 Nov 1897 Charles Edward Cadman 26 Groom Woburn John Cadman Platelayer
Sarah Excell 22 WS George Excell (dec) Platelayer
9 Feb 1898 Edward Samuel Lumbis 24 Groom Renhold, Beds David Lambis (dec) Labourer
Fanny Maria Garrett 22 WS Thomas Garrett Gardener
30 May 1898 Charles Henry Litchfield 20 Labourer WS Charles Henry Litchfield Photographer
Mary Amy Shaw 23 WS William Shaw (dec) Labourer
3 Nov 1898 Louis Morgan Dyson 26 Lieutenant R.A Woolwich William Henry Dyson Merchant
Florence Juila Newton 25 WS Arthur Henry Newton Merchant
26 Dec 1898 John Jones 21 Coachman WS Charles Jones Labourer
Emily Garrett 20 WS Thomas Garrett Gardener
2 Jan 1899 Charles Jackson 66 Labourer WS William Jackson (dec) Labourer
Lydia Jeffery 59 WS John Jenkins (dec) Labourer
3 Jan 1899 George Charles Clarke 26 Engine Driver Darnell, Sheffield John Clarke Wharfinger & Joiner
Florence Sarch Lawson 28 WS Joel Lawson (dec) Shepherd
3 Apr 1899 George Gee 23 Carpenter Ampthill George Gee (dec) Carpenter
Lucy Prior 19 WS Richard Prior (dec) Labourer
1 May 1899 Richard Whitlock 23 Labourer WS William Whitlock (dec) Chimney Sweep
Emily Katherine Howe 25 WS Frederick Howe Inn Keeper
24 Jul 1899 Walter Boniface 25 Grocers Assistant Capel Surrey James Boniface Farmer
Elizabeth Warr Robinson 27 WS Joseph Robinson Farmer
7 Aug 1899 Alfred Grace 25 Postman Pinner Thomas Grace Labourer
Harriett Griffin 22 WS Joseph Griffin Labourer
7 Aug 1899 Frank Thorne 26 Saddler WS John Thorne (dec) Labourer
Sarah Annie Dickens 24 WS George Dickens Gardener
19 Sep 1899 Arthur Gerald Maister 37 Clerk in Holy Orders Mumby Parish Lincolnshire Henry Maister (dec) Clerk in Holy Orders
Edith Jane Reed Full WS John Reed Gentleman
23 Oct 1899 William Charles Jackson 18 Labourer WS John Jackson Labourer
Alma Florence Lillie Hayes 21 Dressmaker WS George Frederick Hayes Manager (Printing Office)
20 Dec 1899 Albert Payne 24 Labourer WS John Payne Labourer
Emily Gertrude Whitbread 27 WS John Whitbread Labourer

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