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1854 Kellys

Name Entered detail
Charles Abercrumbie "Leather Bottle" Wavendon
James Anderson farmer Wavendon Farm Wavendon
John Bailey farmer Wavendon
Robert Bailey Weathercock Inn Woburn Sands
George Bodsworth harness maker Wavendon
William Brandon wheelwright Wavendon
George Frederick Brunton Wavendon
Henry Burney Rev. B.A. [rector] Wavendon
Charles Claridge baker Plough Inn Wavendon
Gregory Odell Clarke coal merchant Woburn Sands
William Henry Denison Woburn Sands
Richard Deverall Swan Inn Woburn Sands
Daniel Eaton shoemaker Wavendon
William Facer Wheatsheaf Wavendon
George Falder farm bailiff Woburn Sands
William Goodall shoemaker Wavendon
Charles Goosey farmer Wavendon
James Harris shoemaker Wavendon
William Harris butcher and shopkeeper Wavendon
Thomas Higgs "Red House" Wavendon
Thomas Hight blacksmith Wavendon
Hutton & Co., farmers Wavendon
Frederick Hutton bricklayer Wavendon
Henry Hutton farmer Wavendon
John King farmer and maltser Wavendon
Thomas King maltster Wavendon
Mary Lee "Fir Tree Inn" Woburn Sands
William Henry Lockyer schoolmaster Wavendon
John Mabley blacksmith Wavendon
Charles Mayor Rev. M.A. [curate] Wavendon
Jonathan Putnam blacksmith Woburn Sands
Alfred Smith horse dealer Wavendon
James Smith horse dealer Wavendon
Josiah Spreckley butcher Wavendon
William Sturges farmer Wavendon
William Tansley shopkeeper Woburn Sands
George Tite builder Wavendon
Benjamin Tomlin draper and grocer Wavendon
Frederick Woodbridge Wavendon Hall Wavendon
George Yates tailor Wavendon
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