Brittania Prize Band and its predecessors

Drum marked Yardley Albions from before 1900


The band shown above includes James Glenn the gentleman with the large side whiskers. I have been told that at one time the band was led by his son George before he married and went to live at Potterspury where he became band leader there. His two other sons Charlie and William also played but did not have the enthusiasm of George who was a stickler for them practising, neither of them continued playing.

Yardley Gobion Prize Band showing the cup won 4th August 1900

J R Lambert (Bandmaster), Henry T F Weston (President)
Frank Key, Fred T Swain, Harry Smith, Joe Horton (Ass. Bandmaster), Charles Durrant, Ernest Smith.
Anthony Glenn, Jack Key, ..................................................................................... Philip Lambert, Archie Atkins
Geo. Smith, Geo. Key, Lonis Horton,............................................................ Fred Ratcliffe, Jeremiah Horton, Alfred Key.

A copy of the original entry in 'The British bandsman' magazine of the time.
Mr Fred Horton along with music stand and drum stick from the old band once led by his father and played in by him and his brothers. The cup within it's glass dome, there is evidence that there were other smaller cups here at one time.
In the year 2000 the cup and other band artefacts were at the home of Mr. Fred Horton who is shown above with a music stand, drumstick and Yardley Gobion Band music book, they have since been deposited at one of the Northampton museums. Joe Horton, his father was bandmaster for many years and his uncle Joseph Lambert before him. Fred and several of his brothers played in the band for many years.
The Aug 4th 1900 cup with readable inscription
YardleyGobion brass  band music book, showing cover.
YardleyGobion brass  band music book,open.
The poster and flyer were photographed in 2000 by the kind permission of the owner Mr. Ivor Floyd of Silverstone.

The flyer and poster alongside and below, although not of the correct year, show the band contest as it was two years later. Below the band photograph at the top of the page is a copy of the entry for 1900 from the British Bandsman magazine which was copied from the British Bandsman archive at Amersham, this shows Yardley Band won 1st prize for the selection, I am unsure if the cup was for this or for being overall best band.
Abthorpe band competition flyer 1902
Abthorpe band competition illustated poster 1902, showing prizes and price of admission.

B Pittam


Wolverton Express February 4th 1910


BAND SUPPER AND SMOKER. - A successful band supper and smoker was held on Saturday evening, when about 50 sat down to an excellent repast, provided by Mr. And Mrs. Wentworth, of the Pack Horse Inn. The chair was taken by Mr. H. Weston of the Elms, and the usual toast list was gone through. The Chairman was auditor of the band books, said he was pleased to state they were found in a most satisfactory condition. Mr. C. H. Weston spoke of the band’s progress and said they ought to feel proud of their Bandmaster (Mr. J. Lambert) and secretary (Mr. F. Ratcliffe). - Mr. J. Lambert responded, and the secretary read the balance sheet, which was satisfactory. - A smoking concert was given by friends and members of the band, including Messrs. C. Gear, F. Swain, A Lambert, W. Lucas, A. Atkins, J. Lambert, T. Harding, W. Wentworth and F. Westley, the latter also being the accompanist. Mr. Ratcliffe gave a few records on the gramophone.