Tour of St. Simon & St. Jude Church


Lady Chapel
Lady Chapel
The Lady Chapel as it is today
The Lady Chapel prior to 2005
The area of the church referred to and used as a Lady Chapel is, in fact, the eastern end of the north aisle. The east window is stained glass and depicts Saint Simon and Saint Jude. The altar is a simple wooden table on a paved area raised by some two inches.

The Lady Chapel
The Lady Chapel before the curtains were removed

Joan Marks, who was the verger of the church for many years and gave devoted service, died in 2004 and a collection was made at her Requiem Mass to provide something in church in her memory. People gave generously and sufficient money was donated to refurbish the Lady Chapel which was agreed by the Parochial Church Council would be a fitting memorial.

Statue of Our Lady A wooden carved Statue of Our Lady was purchase from Carl Ludwig and Son, a renowned German family company based in Munich, altar rails and a plinth for the statue were made by the village blacksmiths, Charles and Oliver Sawbridge and an altar frontal in blue and cream traditional Winchester and St Margaret brocade fabrics was made by two members of the church, Barbara Shepherd and Margaret Wilson. New altar linen of the best quality Irish Linen was purchased from the family firm McKeown and Company of Belfast.

A service Vespers of Our Lady, to rededicate the Lady Chapel
in the memory of Joan Marks,
was held on the evening of Sunday 20th November 2005
conducted by the Rt Revd Andrew Burnham SSC Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

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