The Cowper and Newton Museum
Olney and District at War: Too close for comfort

Nose cones from practise bombs dropped by the USAAF on the target range in Lavendon, two miles from Olney.

Kindly lent by Mr. Colin Mackenzie

Remains of a German oil bomb dropped near Cowper's Oak during the Second World War.
In August 1943, this B17 of the USAAF 303rd Bomber Command crashed on the road between Olney and Bozeat.

No one was badly injured, but the plane suffered a damaged fuselage.

This aircraft seemed fated as it had serious battle damage from two strikes over Berlin.

It was making its way back to Poddington or Molesworth navigating by the Church steeples.

Remains of a USAAF bomber which crashed at Poddington near Olney on 20th May 1944.

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