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Olney and District at War:Rations

With overseas imports severely limited, many foodstuffs and materials were in short supply in Britain.

To try to ensure fairness in the distribution of essential goods, rationing was introduced at the outbreak of war in 1939.

As much rationing as possible was ended in time for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 - but some items were still on ration for another year at least.

Food Ration Books for Arthur & Dora Osborn for 1953-1954.

Clothing Ration Book for the Osborns 1947-1948.
Petrol (gasoline) ration book for 1950.
Food from Australia.

Butter concentrate "for hot climates" from Brisbane, manufactured by the Butter Marketing Board.

Pure lard to be stored in a cool place.

Powdered milk from the Borden Company, New York, N.Y. USA
Dried whole eggs from the USA.

These were delivered after the end of the War as part of the Marshall Plan "for European Recovery".

For cooking!
Also for cooking - 8 blocks for 6d (2.5p) including a stand would provide:

"Ten to fifteen minutes of concentrated heat from each block. Will boil a pint of water in eight minutes. Absolutely safe in carrying and handling."

"DIRECTIONS: raise with a penknife at the side a small portion of wick to facilitate lighting. Place on its side within the stand or any other convenient receptacle."

"Can be carried loosely in pocket or knapsack."

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