In 2009 several individuals actively engaged in research on various aspects of the town’s history formed a group led by Ray Bailey an enthusiastic photographer of the local scene. Ray who had commenced recording the town and surrounding areas in the 1950s sadly Ray passed away in 2011 and the study of his research in particular the recording of the town’s old cemetery may never be completed.

Another member Maurice Barratt, passed away in 2015, he was a very keen photographer and carried out a complete photographic record of the older parts of the town. Maurice also wrote historical articles for local magazines.  

The three remaining members are;

Dennis Mynard, local Archaeologist, Historian, and former Senior Archaeologist with Milton Keynes Development Corporation. In the 1960s Dennis together with Ray Bailey as members of the Wolverton and District Archaeological and Historical Society commenced the photographic recording of the North Bucks scene, before the construction of Milton Keynes. Over the last twenty years he has also carried out extensive documentary research into thousands of the Title Deeds of the towns older properties.

Paul Woodfield, Architectural Historian and Archaeologist former head of Building Conservation with Milton Keyes Development Corporation, who surveyed recorded Newport Pagnell’s older buildings for listing by English Heritage and Milton Keynes Council.

Shaun Higgins, of North Crawley, photographer and amateur historian who assisted with the recording of most of the memorials in the church and churchyard. 

Church of Peter & Paul - Newport Pagnell
The 1899 Ordnance Survey map of Newport Pagnell.

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This archive was assembled from 1994 to 2005 largely from Collections of Deeds deposited in the Buckinghamshire County Record Office at Aylesbury, Private Collections, and Published Sources. A few Deeds in the Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, and Norfolk Record Offices have also been transcribed and added to the Archive.

Many old Title Deeds to properties in the town were deposited on loan in the County Record Office at Aylesbury, by the town’s principal Solicitors W.B. and W.R. Bull, and their successors Bull, Astley and Harding. Catherine Bull, the last member of the Bull family directed connected with the company, and Guy Harding of Bull, Astley and Harding readily gave permission for me to borrow Deeds, so that I could work on them at home. It was agreed with the then Archivist Hugh Hanley that I should borrow 50 bundles at a time.

In 1997 I moved to Norfolk and it was then confirmed that the arrangement to borrow deeds should continue. The Bull deeds have mostly, but not all, been transcribed, the properties identified, and, as far as possible the transcripts sorted into areas of the town and individual street order.

In addition to the Bull Deeds I have worked on other collections in the Record Office, in Solicitors offices, and in Private Collections.

The limited production of this Archive in CD form places information on the history of many of the town’s   properties and families in a readily accessible form for local researchers.

Copies of the CD have been placed in the Bucks County Record Office, and the Local Studies Centre in Milton Keynes Library.

All transcriptions, interpretations and layout are my work and may be reproduced for Research purposes only, and with full acknowledgement.

© Dennis C Mynard 2011

Bucks Archaeological Society Deeds in area of the town of Newport Pagnell

D27 Deeds in Accession order
Bucks Archaeological Society Deeds in Accession order D 27 Deeds in Areas of the Town
Bull Deeds DB1-99 DCC Deeds in Areas of Town
Bull Deeds BD100-165 DCC Deeds held in Buckinghamshire County Record Office
Bull Deeds BD166-199 Deeds in Private Ownership in Areas of the Town
Bull Deeds BD200-299 Deeds in Private Ownership
Bull Deeds BD300-399 Miscellaneous deeds at Bucks County Record Office
Bull Deeds in Street and Areas Newport Pagnell History Society Deeds in Accession order
Bull Deeds Short Catalogue in Areas of the Town Newport Pagnell History Society Deeds in Areas of the Town
Bull Deeds Short List in Accession order Queen Ann's Hospital Deeds
Catalogue of Ancient Deeds in The National Archives Queen Ann's Hospital Deeds in Areas of the Town
Composite list of all deeds sorted by Areas of the Town Townland Feoffees Deeds

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A Pictorial & Personal View
Snippets of Newport Pagnell's History
Illustrations from the last hundred years
Snippets of Newport Pagnell's History

A history of the Fire Brigade 1855 - 1991
Alfred Bullard 1862 - 1954
Antique Dealer, Antiquary, Entreprenuer
Enjoy a circular Ramble over Newport's
Historic Grazing Common, The Kickles and Ash Hill.
An architectural - historical assessment

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