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Milton Keynes Heritage Association
For a full, non-MKHA tabbed map of Milton Keynes - click here
To read more about individual MKHA members, click any

tab on the map, or scroll down this page

Map of Milton Keynes district, showing MKHA membersBucks Constabulary History siteSimpson History GroupNorth Crawley History SocietyMilton Keynes Learning City Library Network - Open UniversityGrafton Regis & The Grafton EstateOpen University ArchiveOlney Archaeological SocietyNewport Pagnell Police MuseumNational Trust - Stowe Landscaped GardensWoburn Sands & District SocietyWell & Tower Society, EmbertonOlney& District Historical SocietyTowcester & District Local History SocietyWestern Front AssociationBuckingham Canal SocietyShenley Brook EndDeanshanger Village Heritage SocietyRectory Cottages TrustCowper & Newton MuseumWolverton & District Archaeological SocietyStony Stratford ProjectThe Living ArchiveStacey Hill SocietySherington Historical SocietyStoke Goldington AssociationMilton Keynes MuseumCity Discovery CentreBuckinghamshire Family History Society (Northern Group)Calverton Records ProjectMilton Keynes Local Studies & Family History LibraryOld Gaol MuseumBletchley Archaeological & Historical SocietyBletchley Park TrustTwo Villages Archive TrustFriends of Bradwell WindmillNewport Pagnell Historical SocietyHanslope & District Historical SocietyCowper & Newton Museum
MKHAbutton Milton Keynes Heritage Association exists to encourage and develop co-operation and co-ordination between all members having an interest in heritage within the Milton Keynes district.

The Association has been exploring ways in which members could use the Web to publicise and market their collections, and implement a common policy for documenting and digitising their archives so that they can be made more widely accessible.

The website will eventually include audio and video clips as well as on-line databases detailing the collections.

Bletchley Park Trust
Bletchley Park mansion See where the German enigma codes were broken and read about the work of the people behind the operation
Bletchley Park Trust main site
The People of Bletchley Park

Bletchley Archaeological & Historical Society
Bletchley Archaeological & Historical  Society logo The Society carries out research into the history of Bletchley and holds meetings on a variety of historical subjects
Bletchley Archaeological & Historical Society site

Buckingham Canal Society
Buckingham Canal Society logo The Society exists to promote the restoration of the Old Stratford and Buckingham Arms of the Grand Union Canal to good and navigable order and to promote the maintenance and improvement of the Waterway for the benefit of the public, as well as providing the public with information on the history and use of canals and waterways, and this waterway in particular

Buckingham Canal Society site

Old Gaol Museum, Buckingham
The Old Goal Museum, Buckingham Displays include local geology, archaeology, social history, and the story of the county yeomanry
Old Gaol Museum site
The History of The Old Gaol, Buckingham

Buckinghamshire Family History Society (Northern Group)
Buckinghamshire Family History Society logo A society with an interest in tracing our ancestry. Meetings discuss research and hear from invited speakers talking on a variety of historical subjects
Buckinghamshire Family History Society (Northern Group) site

Buckinghamshire Constabulary History Association
Buckinghamshire Constabulary History Association site

Friends of Bradwell Windmill
Bradwell Windmill (Currently closed for visits)

Calverton Records Project
Calverton Records Project logo The group collects archive material and carries out research into the history of Calverton
Calverton Records Project site

Castlethorpe Village The Castlethorpe Village group welcomes you to their site, detailing the hsitory and people of this ancient village.
Calverton Records Project site
City Discovery Centre, Bradwell Abbey
Experience life in the Middle Ages. 'Hands on History' during special events
City Discovery Centre main site

Deanshanger Village Heritage Society
Deanshanger Village Heritage Society logo
Deanshanger Village Heritage Society site

The Well & Tower Society, Emberton

Grafton Regis & the Grafton Estate
Click here to read more about their published double CD
Grafton Regis site

Hanslope & District Historical Society
Hanslope Village The Society carries out research into the history of Hanslope and district and holds open meetings on a variety of historical subjects
Hanslope & District Historical Society site
The Hanslope Park Tragedy

Kingsmead Community
A newly formed group for a new community on the south-west fringe of Milton Keynes.
Hanslope & District Historical Society site

Milton Keynes Learning City Library Network
Milton Keynes Learning City Libraries Network has been created to allow and encourage the use of all the major libraries in the Milton Keynes area by everyone who lives, works or studies in Milton Keynes.The Network includes public, university, college and health libraries which together provide a wide range of services and subject coverage from general to specialist.
Milton Keynes Learning City Library Network site

Milton Keynes Museum
Milton Keynes Museum Find out what life was like before Milton Keynes was built. Victorian house with working kitchen and laundry; shops from the last century; rural life; Hall of Transport, and much more
Milton Keynes Museum main site
Click here to see their feature on Stony Stratford
Click here to read about the archaeology of the Milton Keynes area
"Our Tram" - the Stony Stratford to Wolverton Tram
The Telephone Museum at Milton Keynes Museum Based at Milton Keynes Museum, this collection is the most varied and comprehensive in the country, with everything from working exhibits to a technical library
The Telephone Museum site

Milton Keynes Local Studies & Family History Library
Milton Keynes Library A large collection of books, magazines, maps and newspapers relating to local history. Useful resources for studying family history
Milton Keynes Local Studies and Family History Library site

Cowper & Newton Museum, Olney
The Cowper & Newton Museum The home of William Cowper, the famous 18th century poet, translator, letter-writer and friend of the Rev John Newton, hymn-writer and anti-slavery campaigner
Cowper & Newton Museum main site
The life of William Cowper via a tour of the Cowper & Newton Museum

New Bradwell Heritage Group
Newport Pagnell Historical Society site
Newport Pagnell Historical Society
Newport Pagnell Historical Society logo The society collects material and carries out research into the history of Newport Pagnell, holds meetings on a variety of historical subjects, and organises exhibitions and visits
Newport Pagnell Historical Society site

Newport Pagnell Police Museum
The former Newport Pagnell Police Museum Formerly set in a Victorian police station, the collection had many fascinating exhibits, including a hand ambulance dating from 1903. Following the death of the curator, who was a retired police officer, Thames Valley Police wished to make new use of the space. The collection has largely been removed to Milton Keynes Museum in order to preserve it for future generations, but the site generated many page views and has thus been left on-line as a public service.
Newport Pagnell Police Museum site
Bucks Constabulary Hostory Association logo

Bucks Constabulary
History Association

Run by a serving police officer, the Bucks Constabulary History Association site tracks the history of The Buckinghamshire Constabulary before its merger into the Thames Valley Police Force
Bucks Constabulary History main site

North Bucks Archaeological Society
North Bucks Archaeological Society logo An active amateur organisation based in the North Bucks area, providing a forum and a focal point for people interested in archaeology. The aim is to broaden the popularity of archaeology by arranging talks and lectures, as well as increasing the known archaeology of North Bucks by carrying out practical work such as digs and field walking.

Meetings are on the first Monday of the month (a week later when that is a bank holiday) at 8.00pm at The City Discovery Centre in Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes.

North Bucks Archaeological Society

North Crawley Historical Society

Old Stratford Remembered Group
Old Stratford Remembered Group logo This Group is established for the public benefit in the area comprising the village of Old Stratford in the parish of Passenham. Its purpose is to collect and record anecdotal, written and pictorial information about the life of the village and to publish such information, with any relevant permission, for the benefit of the public. Meetings are held at The Swan in the village.
Old Stratford Remembered Group

Olney Archaeological Society
Olney Archaeological Society logo The Society exists to promote an interest in archaeology for its members. Meetings are held from September to June on Tuesday mornings at 10 The Olney Centre. There is a lecture programme across a good range of topics related to archaeology. Email the Society for further details.

Olney & District Historical Society

Open University Archive main site

Open University Archive
The Open University Archive holds an important collection of original archival material, managed by a professional archivist. The collections are useful for many fields of research, in particular - modern political history, distance education and women’s history.

Open University Archive main site

The Projected Picture Trust
The Projected Picture Trust A group based at Bletchley Park, dedicated to preserving the magic of film. The wanton destruction of projectors and other related professional film equipment prompted a few like-minded preservationists to form The Projected Picture Trust whose proposals were not only to locate the equipment being destroyed, but to renovate it, preserve it and exhibit it for the enjoyment of the public at large.
Projected Picture Trust main site

Rectory Cottages Trust
The Rectory Cottages, Bletchley A Trust managing two beautifully renovated mediaeval buildings near Bletchley Park. Open for visits, meetings and functions - see the site for a guided tour and more details.
Rectory Cottages Trust, Bletchley - main site
Shenley Brook End
Shenley Brook End Association logo A website showing the events in this community on the western side of Milton Keynes, as well as details of its background and history.
Shenley Brook End main site

Sherington Historical Society
Sherington Historical Society logo This voluntary organisation is involved in archiving the history of the people, places and events of the village of Sherington. We hold monthly meetings which take place on the second Tuesday of each month. Please check out our web pages to find out about our current projects.
Sherington Historical Society site

Simpson History Group
The Simpson History group is a grouping of people interested in the history of the Domesday village of Simpson in south Milton Keynes. In 2003 the group published 'Simpson - People & Places', copies of which are available for purchase. Enquiries and expressions of interest should be made to

Stacey Hill Society
Stacey Hill Society logo The Society takes a supporting role in a wide range of voluntary services, having been a prime mover in collecting and preserving many items now held at Milton Keynes Museum showing the history of North Bucks before the development of Milton Keynes
Stacey Hill Society site

Stoke Goldington Association
Stoke Goldington Association logo The Association carries out research, and collects documents and photographs relating to Stoke Goldington, and holds meetings on a variety of historical subjects
Stoke Goldington Association main site

Stowe House Preservation Trust
Stoke Goldington Association main site
National Trust - Stowe Landscaped Gardens
National Trust logo Stowe Landscape Gardens are a remarkable reminder of an age of opulent living and political idealism, expressed through the beauty of nature and architecture. They are also a living and uplifting space for everyone to enjoy.
National Trust - Stowe Landscaped Gardens main site

The Two Villages Archive Trust
Milton Keynes Village church This voluntary organisation collects archive material and carries out research into the history of Broughton and Milton Keynes Villages
Two villages Archive Trust site - Milton Keynes Village & Broughton
A Tour through Time in Milton Keynes Village

Towcester & District Local History Society
Towcester & District Historical Society logo
An active society with the aims of advancing the understanding and knowledge of local history through publications, articles, exhibitions and similar activities.
Towcester & District Local History Society main site

The Western Front Association
Western Front Association logo The Association is for those interested in the history of the Great War (1914-18). The local group meets monthly at Bradwell Abbey
The Western Front Association local site
Western Front Association - national site

The Living Archive, Wolverton
Living Archive logo Personal memories of people who have lived in Milton Keynes have been saved on audio tape, together with photographic and other documentary material
The Living Archive main site
Days of Pride feature - Wolverton & New Bradwell in the First orld War
The Letters of Albert French - boy soldier in the First World War

Woburn Sands & District Society

Woburn Sands Collection
The site is a collection of historic photos, articles and genealogical data covering Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise and the immediate district.
Wolverton & District Archaeological and Historical Society main site

Wolverton & District Archaeological & Historical Society
Wolverton & District Archaeological & Historical Society logo The Society carries out research into Wolverton and the surrounding area, holds meetings on a variety of historical subjects and organises visits to places of historic interest. The society has a collection of over 12,000 slides and photographs taken since the 1860's
Wolverton & District Archaeological and Historical Society main site
Thornton College - a Thousand Years of History
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