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St Laud's Church Tour - Inside

St Laud's Church
Inside Tour
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Outside Tour

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7 - The North Aisle

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North Aisle

The doorway In this part of the church dates from the fourteenth century. The oak corbels in the roof above your head are carved in the shape of angels. The shields in their hands once bore the arms of many of the local landowners.

Window in North Wall

The window at the west end of the north wall is dated about 1340 and it seems that it may have been pierced after the wall was constructed. The other windows in the North Aisle are about two hundred years later.

Window in North Wall

Altar at east end of the North Aisle

Beside the pulpit, close to one of the tower pillars and partly obscured by it, is another Piscina dating from the thirteenth century. It would support the theory that alterations have been made to the shape of the church in the past.

Fuller's Charity Plaque

High up in the centre of the north wall is a black board with gilded lettering which records Fuller's Charity, one of several Parish Charities.

The inscription reads:

From the last will and testament of Edward Fuller
late of Watford in the county of Hertford, deceased
dated 4th August 1705. I give and bequeath and
do hereby direct my executers to lay out the sum of
one hundred and twenty pounds or what other sum
will be sufficient for that purpose of a rent
charge of inhereitance of five pounds per annum. Free
from all charges and deductions to be vested in such
trustees as my executors direct, for the use of the
Parish of Sherington. To be issuing out of land in or
near Sherington, as maybe, which rent charge shall
be paid and disposed of in manner following. viz.
Twenty shillings per annum to the minister of the said
parish for the time being and he to preach a sermon for
the same, on the twenty seventh day of March yearly
for ever, and ten shillings yearly to be expended on the
minister and church wardens, of the said parish on the day
of preaching the said sermon. Six and twenty half crowns to
be given to six and twenty poor and necessitous persons of the
said parish, such as the minister and church wardens in their
discretion shall think to be paid yearly on the day of
preaching the said sermon and five shillings on the same day
to the clerk of the said parish for the time being yearly for ever.
RD. HUMPHREYS                                         
JOHN FIELD                Church wardens.


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