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Sherington Timeline

   2500 - 700 BC  Bronze Age/Neolithic finds
  Iron Age Settlement and finds800 BC - 43 AD  
   43 - 410 AD  Roman Road and finds
  'Serintone' in the Domesday Book1086   
   12/13th C  Tower of St Laud's Church built
  Thomas de Schyreford becomes
  Rector of St Lauds
   1597  Yew Tree Farm built
  The Old Rectory built1607  
   1796  Enclosure Map drawn
  Enclosure award4 July 1797  
   1872  The Old School House opens
  Sherington Murder27 November 1872  
   1895 5 January  First Parish Council meeting
  Hayne's Garage founded1923  
   1927  Village Hall built
  Myrtle Peach born1934  
   1935 15 February  Churchyard Exhumation
  Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  'bury the hatchet' on the Knoll
24 February 1935  
   1952  Old School buildings condemned
  Official Opening of current School8 May 1958  
   1977  First issue of SCAN magazine
  Carters Close development starts1978  
   2000 23 February  Sherington Historical Society
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