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Local Events

Read about the following interesting events that have taken place in Sherington:

Rum Doings 1872 - Murder in Sherington
Concert 1888 - Programme
Fire 1904 - Newport Pagnell Fire Brigade
Burying the Hatchet 1935 - Oxford and Cambridge Universities
Jubilee Celebrations 1935
Churchyard Exhumation 1935 - Based on malicious gossip
VE Day 1945 - Party in Park Road
Coronation Celebrations 1911, 1937 and 1953
Sherington Feasts The history, the 1977 revival and 1970's Feast photos
Pantomime 1980 - Jack and the Beanstalk poster and Cast photo
May Day Annual event - First Monday in May

The following record the very early history of Sherington:

Bronze Age/Neolithic Neolithic axe and Bronze Age bowl barrows
Iron Age Iron Age settlement near the church
Romans Roman Road and Roman archaeological finds
Domesday Book 1086 - Sherington is recorded as 'Serintone'

The following are transcriptions of the Sherington sections from historic published accounts of the history of the whole of Buckinghamshire:

George Lipscomb History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham - 1831
James Sheahan History and Topography of Buckinghamshire - 1867
Oliver Ratcliff History and Antiquities of the Newport Pagnell Hundreds - 1900
Victoria County History Buckinghamshire - Edited by William Page - 1927

The following are two brief histories of Sherington as seen through the eyes of two senior residents of the village:

Sherington (A brief history) Philip Smith - written in 1981
Parish of Sherington Sidney F. Morgan - written in Oct. 1977

The details are taken from information in the SHS archive. If you have more information about these events, or any others that have taken place in Sherington over the years, and would be willing to share it with the Society and other web site visitors, please contact us.

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