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Who are we and what are our aims?


Founded in 2000, the Sherington Historical Society is a group of like minded villagers (or virtual villagers) who felt that they did not want the history of the village to disappear with its aging residents. We felt that by creating a village archive that was available to all, the knowledge of the village would not be lost.

Our main aims are as follows:

We also aim to attend village functions, to display and publicise the society and a cross section of the work of its members.

The archives are currently housed within the Village Hall, where they can be viewed by all who wish to.

It is the intention of the Society to record physically (by photographic means) and electronically (on the Internet, computer CD, etc) all pictures, documents, newspaper cuttings, maps, buildings data, etc. etc. that is made available to it.

This data will then be indexed and cross-referenced so that the data can be made available to all who wish to view or research the history of Sherington.


Membership is currently at £6-50 per annum, (£12-00 couple) with a cost of £2-00 per meeting (£3-00 for visitors), to include tea/coffee and biscuits.

Prospective members will be welcome to attend three meetings, but then will be expected to join, or not.

There is no restriction on who is able to join. EVERYONE is WELCOME.

We are currently holding one meeting per month. This will be adjusted if necessary to accommodate members' needs.


The society has a committee of four members:

Committee members
AGM - 13 March 2012 - New 2012/13 Committee
2012/13 Committee
Mark Vale, Liz Sugden, Caroline Leslie, Diana Morgan, Betty Feasey and Kay Turrell

Any of these members will be extremely willing to answer any queries that you may have on any aspect of the Society.

To get further contact information then please click on any of the Contacts links.

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