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The Search for Sherington's History

We started to create the Sherington Village Archive in March 2000, and in the first year alone we have filled 5 lever arch files and 20 - 30 other smaller files, used 1500 plastic pockets, 2000 photocopies, hundreds of photos, all relating to Sherington and its activities.

The Sherington Archive is divided into 3 main categories and a number of smaller Organisational files.

           1. The Domesday Archive (Historical and current)

This covers material that relates to the buildings and infra-structure of the village. There will be a file for each building in the Parish and this will contain historical data, photos, details of changes and alterations, bills of sale, copy deeds, estate agents flyers and all things that relate to the history of properties.

           2. The Village Affairs Archive (Historical and current)

This covers the records of activity within the village and is the history of events in Sherington. Newspaper cuttings, SCAN magazines, group activity programmes, jumbles sales, auctions, bring and buy sales, fetes, photos orders of service for weddings, funerals, fund raising, etc. etc. In fact, records of anything that has happened concerning Sherington. These are filed in date sequence, from as early a date as possible up to and including today.

           3. The Village People Archive (Historical and current)

These are photo albums of villagers and their families past and present, family trees and papers associated with the histories of Sherington families. This was originally run in conjunction with the millennium project, but is not confined to the year 2000. Our project is a permanently growing photographic archive.

Associated with the above archives, there are specific files on special projects, some of which are listed below:

Censuses The School The Church Scouts, Guides & Brownies
Cricket Club Bowls Club Parish Council Any village group photos
Youth Club Pantomime Thursday Group Sherington Feasts
May Day Village Hall Pre School / Playgroup Burying the Hatchet
Senior Club Football Club Sports Pavilion project Water Lane Floods

All of these archives are for the specific use of Sherington Villagers, past and present. They are available to anyone who has an interest or need to research the history of Sherington. The archives are the property of Sherington, but under the care of the Sherington Historical Society. In the unlikely the event of the society being disbanded for any reason, the existing archives will become the property and responsibility of the Parish Council.

The Search For Hidden Treasures. We are looking for anything that relates to Sherington, old postcards or photos, newspaper cuttings, tickets for village events, programmes, orders of service, funerals and weddings, old bills and receipts, school reports, the sort of things you keep in a drawer or cupboard, that for some reason you don't want to throw away, but have no real reason for keeping. From our archive view these are the real treasures. If you would wish to keep your photographs or documents, but would be prepared for us to take copies of them, we will undertake to do this and return your originals to you. We can arrange to collect and return to you all of your ephemera.

We have reason to believe our archives will be unique and is something about which we have reason to be proud. Please can you help and please will you help. Your name will go down in history.

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