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Townsend Pond

On 17th July 1900 it was noted that "in the opinion of the Council the nuisance at Towns End should be abated by the landlord and the expense should in no way be attached to the parish". This pond which was located about where the middle of the yard offices of Manor Farm now stand was not Parish Council property but was in common usage by the village. The most use made of this was by the carters who brought wood down from the 86 acre Sherington Wood. This wood stood at the top of Muddy Lane, now Perry Lane and the carts loaded with timber were brought down this lane to the High Street to join the road to Newport Pagnell and Olney. The carts had small artillery style wheels which collected a lot of mud and debris on them on the journey down the hill. The carters used to take the wagons and horses to Townsend Pond to wash them down before they continued their journey. The attitude of the Council was most probably tempered at the time by the upset to their authority by the imposition of the Sewerage and Drainage Scheme, and the fear of extra costs to be incurred.

In September 1906 however, when the pond needed cleaning out again, the Council agreed that it would undertake the work.

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