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Millennium Album

As part of the village Millennium celebrations, the SHS undertook a project to compile a Village Album, containing a page of information for every single household in the village. Although participation was entirely voluntary, and some people had personal reasons for wishing to be excluded, a total of 79% of all the households took part.

Each household was issued with an A5-sized card, which a member of that household completed, giving information such as the names, ages, occupation and interests of those resident at that address. A photo of the members of the household was also taken. The resultant set of cards forms the Village Album, providing a unique snapshot of life in Sherington in 2000, which will be available for future generations. The project was very successful, with some of those who originally preferred not to take part regretting their decision to be left out now they have seen the results.

For privacy reasons, as the information relates to current residents, the Society does not intend to publish the Village Album on this web site. However, it is kept in the SHS Archives and is available for inspection to residents and others with a genuine interest.

In February 2002, an analysis of the final overall response was made. The details are given below.

Road Names.	Positive Answers.	No of Households.	Positive %.

Bedford Rd.		2			6			33%
Carters Close		55			58			95%
Church End		4			9			44%	
Church Rd.		27			35			77%
Crofts End		35			42			83%
Field Close		4			5			80%
Griggs Orchard		5			6			83%
Gun Lane		14			15			93%
High Street		36			48			75%
Hill View		9			19			47%
Knoll Close		5			8			62%
Leys View		6			6			100%
Manor Courtyard		1			3			33%
Maryot Close		2			3			66%
Newport Road		2			7			29%
Park Road		17			21			81%
Perry Lane		16			27			59%
School Lane		19			21			90%
The Knoll		8			7			114%
The Rickyard		4			3			133%
Village Close		3			5			60%
Water Lane		20			19			105%

Totals			294			373			79%

The results from various areas of the village were very different, from 33% up to 100%. In the cases where the total is over 100% it is because the total number of households in each road was taken from the electorial register. This means if a house was empty at the time (1999) of the registration, it was not counted (no one to vote). So we have some anomalies here, of the empty properties being filled and others where a property had been subsequently vacated. For example, there were 2 empty properties in Carters Close and 3 in Village Close. Also the 3 rented properties in Manor Courtyard only had 1 permanent resident. 2 or 3 properties in Church road were the subject of renovation so could not be counted. The Old Chapel flats in Crofts End had the same problem, one tenant/owner had only been in residence 3 days when approached and others not in residence as they were moving on. So taking all of this into account it is estimated that the true percentage figure would be rather better than shown, more like just over 82%. There were also some residents who particularly did not want their photos published and some who, for personal reasons, did not wish to take part.


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