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SCAN October 1980 The SCAN magazine started in the 1970's as a replacement of the Parish magazine, but it holds information of all the local goings on for the villages that it covers. Click here to see the first issue.

The name SCAN comes from the villages that it covers, Sherington being one, the others are Chichley, Astwood and North Crawley, hence the name SCAN. although the coverage of the magazine now includes Hardmead as well.

The SCAN started as a single typed out sheet of A4 paper but has now grown to almost a 50 page booklet every month that is paid for by advertisements and donations. SCAN is free and delivered to your door every month.

Each edition follows the same format. The front cover is a local photo, or drawing from someone in the scan parish or, as pictured in the top right of this screen, an item of interest in the locality. This is then followed by a section of local advertisements.

There is a Preface by the Rector of the SCAN parish (a united benefice covering the same villages). Then each of the villages have a section of the magazine, usually in alphabetical order (i.e. Astwood, Chichley, Hardmead, North Crawley followed by Sherington), with all of the local clubs, groups and societies from that village contributing.

SCAN January 2001Within each village section there is a local correspondent's column. Following the best journalistic traditions, they are identified by a nom de plume. Sherington's for many years (well as long as your webmaster can remember) was "A little bird..."; but the new millennium has brought a change and since the January 2001 edition, Jackdaw is now supplying the village with the local gossip. Good luck to you Jackdaw and we at the SHS wish you well in the future.

If there is any information that you want to pass on to Jackdaw, you can contact him at

In the centre of the magazine there is always the church service times for all of the SCAN villages, plus any SCAN news.

After the last village section, there is another section of adverts and then on the back cover there is a directory of local contacts relating to the Church or the magazine.

We as a Society are working at getting a full set of back issues for our archive, so the village is able to view them. If you have any old issues that you do not want then please let us have then before you throw them out, thank you.

Below is an example of the entries within SCAN:

A selection of covers:

SCAN March 1979 SCAN June 1984
SCAN February 2001

23 More SCAN Covers on display at 2006 SHS Open Day

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