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Chairman's Report 2002


AGM - 12 March 2002

I will try to keep this brief.

Now we are 2 years old, doesn't seem possible...from Feb 2000. The most important point the document store is now very much part of general routine. Most of the archive material is in store there, the filing system is slowly being organised & more importantly seems to be working, at least on the more simple aspects. The quantity of material arriving is still a steady trickle, & there is a lot more to come. Now over 1,000 filed photos. The latest file to be opened is marriages, the criteria is any Sherington connection, Married here, either lived or currently living here.

Thank you to all of you who have helped in any way, Sheila & Mark your committee, Anita Kay & Sue for tea & coffee etc. Mike for his raffle running, anyone else ? The rest of you for belonging to SHS.

We are in a very comfortable financial position, no-one need to subsidise any projects that they are working on. Hovering around the 1,000 has got to be comfortable. Bearing in mind that we have lowered our sights substantially. Mainly because the funding we had hoped for just did not materialise.

The Millennium Project is finally closed, at around 80% of the village taking part, well above the national average for any sort of election, makes us more popular than your average politician.

The outing we had to the local studies centre was our only real flop over the past year, only 7 members attending, very unfortunate timing, I guess. Which was a pity seeing the amount of work that had been done by Ruth to make the evening a success.

Meeting in the village hall has proved successful, although it costs 10-50 for 2 hours mostly we do cover costs & even without counting the amount of money we received from John Cook & the millennium committee, we would still be showing a reasonably healthy balance 200 ish. Most of this has come from our open evenings & the sale of the murder booklets.

We have been invited by MKHA to put together a publicity board for Sherington to be displayed at Middleton Hall on April 15th 22nd . Not all of these days will be covered, just probably 20-21 & 22. The whole of the Heritage Association have been asked to take part, some 30 organisations. But by the showing at the Museum on the 7th only about half have responded. It will cost us nothing, but we will get a publicity board approx 3ft x 4ft 6mm thick, for ourselves to use at our shows. But there is a price, they would like some volunteers to man the exhibition.

Norman Arnold


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