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Minutes of the SHS meeting held 8pm, on Dec. 12th 2000, at 38, Water Lane, Sherington.

Those present : Enid Pepper, Gail Waters, Barry Hollis, Sheila & Jesse line, Sheila Quinn, Mike &

Sue Tofts, Kay Turrell, Ollie Powell, Helen Mark & Jessica Vale, Norman & Anita Arnold.

No apologies for absence.

Norman promised that this would not be too formal an evening, just a few items on the agenda for members to be informed about. The most important item was that the Sherington SHS website, although nowhere near complete, was up & running, and looked very good. The fact also that we had had some people making enquiries about Sherington, through the internet. Also that Mark had brought along his computer to show members just how far we had progressed with THE WEBSITE. It really looks good.

A little discussion about the funding meeting that Norman & Sheila attended at Newton Longville, resulted in the two Sheila's joining forces to make further enquiries, & to arrange a meeting between ourselves & Francis Gomme, from Aylesbury, about this funding.

Then in March, we will be holding our first AGM, & several members have suggested that we make this an open evening, with displays of archives & photos, please your suggestions & help will be most welcome.

Some more old postcard photos have been acquired, thanks to Jane Coles, also one by E-mail, of the members of the old 1944-45 Sherington home guard. There is also a new group photo of old Sherington residents, taken outside of the door of the White Hart. This we have been promised a copy of by Phil Smith.

Mark attended the AGM of the MK Heritage Ass. We have now joined the COIN register – Community Information Network, this is run by the library service, & is the point of contact. There is a CD Rom to be compiled of items in Aylesbury archives, which will be available in libraries, possibly by the end of the year. 2001 I would think. The new MKHA brochure will published this year 2001, & SHS will be listed in this. The borough archaeologist is putting together a database of interesting finds in the borough, over the last 100 years, again to be made available via the library, local studies centre. The ‘Jewels of Milton Keynes’ project, of which we are a part, has proved to be a very great success, and the organisers are looking to see where to go, with the follow on project. There has been good positive feedback from the forum that Mark & Norman, representing SHS, attended, we were all thanked for our efforts. Pity that MK Council did not put in the same amount of effort. The community Action Trust, are looking for deserving causes like our SHS, to aid with grants, this to be covered by Sheila & Sheila.

The rest of the evening was spent passing information around, nearly all of the SHS files were brought along to be perused & also puzzling over a photo that supposedly was of a row of houses in the village of Sherington. We are no nearer a solution.

Some members brought along bottles of wine, Enid had made shortbread & mince pies, enough for all. The evening ended at 10-30pm with all wishing the others a happy Christmas & a good new year.

Very many thanks to Enid for her hard work cooking, & her & Ted’s hospitality, to make our first Christmas party a very convivial affair. Thank you Enid.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday January 12th at 8pm in the sports pavilion, & I promise to go up early to switch on the heating.

Norman Arnold.

Organised by Newport Pagnell Historical Soc.

2nd Jan. Guided walk round Newport Pagnell, meet outside the old police Station at 6-45 pm.

16th Jan. A talk by the "78 Durngate Trust" covering the Charles René Macintosh building in Northampton.


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