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SHS Meeting Minutes 25


SHS Committee Meeting.

Tuesday 2nd April 2002, 2, School Lane. 8pm.

Apologies: PearlTeasedale.

Present: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale & Sheila Quinn

1.Parcel from Philip Smith. PS has loaned &/or given to Norman a parcel of various interesting items including:

a) An article in the Shooting Times by Jack Ivester Lloyd

b) 45-page diary by Annie Chibnall during her tour of the UK & Europe. This branch of the family are resident in Australia.

c) 3 Exercise books of notes from Bill Atkins, who lived with Maudie opposite the Knoll, while in the RAF, plus his Service Release book.

d) A set of photographs showing the various stages during the erection of the Bus Shelter

e)Various plans and drawings from PS’s days on the Parish Council.

f) Minutes of a Feast committee meeting.

g) A very detailed scale plan of the Church by a company in Leighton Buzzard showing the ages of various parts of the building.

h) A letter from an Italian ex, prisoner of war, Pietri Gualerzi, which was written in 1978 following his return to the area. Also an article he wrote in 1984. (Norman feels that the letter could be published in a book containing other interesting snippets from Sherington.).

i) A copy of SCAN no 1, dated April 1975, written by the Rev, J.B.Corfield & edited Mrs. S.Minet of North Crawley.

  1. FINANCE: Mark and Norman sorted out receipts and monies owing! Sheila has renewed our
  2. membership of the MKCVO. (£10-00)

    Sheila will contact Betty Feasey to find out whom the donation to SCAN should be made payable to.

    SHS funds are still hovering around the £l,000 in credit.

  3. MKHA MEETING: Mark attended the meeting on the 26th March at the MK Visitor Centre, CMK. A
  4. Company called Invest in Milton Keynes, which in turn is owned by the Chamber of Commerce, owns the V/Centre. Although it is a profit making organisation all the profits are ploughed back into the business. They are willing to display posters (A3 or A4) free of charge. Minutes of the meeting will be received in due course.(Now received)

  5. CMK Exhibition 19-21" April: The 4ft x 2ft 6ins publicity boards are now to be in tall
  6. frames and, therefore will be up off the floor (approx 7ft) and more easily read. Volunteers are needed for each day. Norman, Mark & Sheila can all do short stints. Norman is to ask John Cook about the mock Village Pump that was used in the Son et Lumiere. We could use this as our artefact in the exhibition.

  7. IT. Sub-committee: Norman, Mark & Kay attended the 1st of 10, 3 hour sessions at the living archive
  8. centre, Wolverton. The course covers scanning & archiving. A list of items (maps & documents) greater than A3 size that we would like to be scanned is to be given to Roger Drage by the end of April. £2,000 has been allocated for this facility and each association can request an initial 20 items. Norman expressed concern that we may be expected to part with the items and it was agreed that as most documents have been loaned to us, we would decline the offer if this is the case. Some good ideas came from this meeting for the improvement of our web-site & were planned at this first meeting.

  9. Walk Around the Village with Philip Smith: Tuesday, 11th June. Assemble at Village Hall 7:15pm

for 7:30 sharp departure. The walk will last for approx 2 hours. It was thought that tea/coffee could be provided for those who did not wander off to either of the pubs at the end of the walk! "A Walk An’ Talk"

7. MKHA Draft policy: Following the difficulties we encountered when we were trying to bring the plight of the Manor Farm Barn to the notice of various organisations, MKHA is to produce a draft policy of assistance available. We are to read and comment on the draft copy - comments to be made to Neil Louden. This is quite gratifying that MKHA have taken on board our observations, that the small organisations in the association do need assistance at times & they need a point of reference within the association, sometimes quite urgently.

  1. Website: Mark has been working on refining the look of the website and showed us a few of his ideas on
  2. his laptop. The front page in particular is being amended to hopefully to use a montage of photographs of village buildings. The first part of the web-site to receive a serious update will be the Church tour, to include more photographs & a more detailed tour route. (From our visit to the living archive centre)

  3. Local History Week: This is to be held for the first week in May, this event was run last year with great

success. With a ‘ Meet the Archivist’ at the Library’ & other venues and a Coach Tour around MK. Pointing out various historic landmarks. These events are being run & organised by MKHA.

10 Membership: We now have 29 members & the promise of another soon.

Meeting closed at 9-30 pm.

Thanks to Sheila for her hospitality.


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