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SHS Meeting Minutes 29




Tuesday 24th September 2002.

Present: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale & Sheila Quinn

Apologies: Pearl Teasdale

October, 8th Open Meeting: Norman has confirmed the date & arrangements with Peter Gardner & Phil Smith. The film, entitled ‘The Story of a Buckinghamshire Village’, lasts approx 45 minutes and we will display archives. Refreshments will be available & a raffle will be held. Mark donated 2 prizes and Norman 1 prize & there is still some wine left from a previous event. Three prizes were thought to be sufficient. Norman to produce posters and tickets at £1-00 & 50p, which will be available from Norman, Sheila and Virginia Stores. SAQ to be on the door, MV to be the raffle man & NA (no decision was made about NA’s duties!!!) confirmed that we meet at the VH at about 7:30pm. Anita & Kay to organise the refreshments.

Bottles of wine to be given to Peter & Phil.

1797 Documents: NA examined the documents in the steel tube in the company of several members of the Parish Council. Permission has been given for us to have them scanned onto a CD & NA has spoken to Roger Drage (MK Heritage) regarding the copying which will probably be carried out at Biggleswade. It is also possible that we will be able to obtain 2 sets of paper copies. The largest document measures 3ftx2ft and the others average 2ftx2ft; there are about 26 documents that are "stitched" together with pink tape (ribbon). The wax seals are somewhat brittle and will need careful handling

It has been suggested that a transcription be made but this is obviously very time consuming. David Hyde considered that the PC should be responsible for employing and paying for a professional. The idea would be possible only if paper copies of the original are available.

MKHA AGM: We missed the MK Heritage AGM. due to other commitments.

Sherington Births & Marriages: NA. is receiving an increased number of enquiries via E-mail regarding Births & Marriages. NA has asked the Local Studies Centre for information from the Parish Records regarding Birth & Marriages. Hopefully, Ruth Meardon (Local Studies Centre) will be able to supply us with copies of records regarding Sherington Births & Marriages dating back to the early 1800s.

SAQ suggested that a Christmas Card together with chocs/wine be sent to her as a goodwill gesture to thank her for all her assistance. A good idea & will be done.

Maurice Stanton-Saringer will also be consulted by MV. about this.

Community Car Raffle: Our slot will be 1 - 5pm on Friday, 22nd November. SAQ has confirmed the date with Julie Taplin and returned the necessary forms. We will have 500 tickets. Tickets will be on sale for a longer period of time this year - up to and including New Years Day thus giving us a slightly longer time for members to sell tickets to friends etc!!!! Stubs, unsold tickets and money are to be returned to the Foundation by Friday, 10th January and the draw will take place at the end of the same month; the date has yet to be confirmed.

We have 4 volunteer (?) sellers - Norman, Philip, Kay & Sheila Q. The stand will be in the same place as last year - the junction of Sunset Walk & Midsummer Arcade, near Marks & Spencer’s entrance.

Calendars etc. Norman & Sheila have discussed at length, prices with New Bradwell Reprographics (printers) regarding the production of calendars, notelets & cards using the Edith Lucus paintings. It will not be a cheap hobby! We came to the conclusion that we could possibly produce a calendar ourselves and if we have cards printed, a greeting card without words inside would be a more viable proposition. Norman is to produce a mock-up calendar in time for the November meeting to show to members. A suggestion was made that we attempt to solicit sponsorship in the form of advertising from various establishments in the village, eg Pubs, Virginia Stores, Garden Centres, Peter Gardner etc. etc.

We also discussed the possibility of purchasing a Comb Binder. Norman to investigate prices of this gadget & larger size envelopes for cards, etc.

Petts: Several interesting photographs have been received via email from Mrs. Collict in exchange for family information. Mrs Collict is a descendant of the Petts family, who were inhabitants of the village in the 1800s & into the 1900s.

Fame!! Norman & Philip Smith are to be interviewed on Monday 1st Oct. by Toby Freidner of 3 Counties Radio about the village. This will be broadcast the following week. The interview to take place in the White Hart.

Accounts. Mark reported that our balance stands at £1,130.59p. The period over the Summer recess being quiet.

Meeting closed at 9-45pm, with thanks being given to Mar & Helen for their Hospitality.

Next committee meeting at 21a High St. 29th Sept 2002. 8pm.



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