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SHS Meeting Minutes 36


Sherington Historical Soc.

Committee Meeting, 8pm. 6th May 2003.

33 Crofts End.

Present : Norman Arnold, Mark Vale, Sheila Quinn & Pearl Teasdale.

1. Calendars, Norman reported that 72 (2004) calendars had been produced. 70 will be (hopefully) sold at the fete, various functions & at Virginia House Srores.

2, Village Fete, There has been very little response to our appeal in the May Scan for memorabilia of the two world wars. A list has been drawn up of people we think may be approached. Barbara and Ro. Smith, Snowy Keech, George Watts, Philip Smith, Peter Gardner, Jesse Line and Bob Feasey. It is also possible to glean some facts from the school log books. Pearl mentioned that there is very little reference in the Parish Council minutes to the two world wars. Norman has a small collection of photographs from the archives.

Mark reported that the fete committee had allocated us a plot on the island ( within the moat) But as yet a marquee or any cover has not been allocated, there appears to be a spare 20 X 20 ft square tent available. We will need a sign, to display outside the tent. Fete committee suggested that we exhibit then and now, photo display---or commercial activity within the village, we will keep these in mind for future displays. NA is sorting out some pictures to be reproduced as postcards. The possibility of some laminated placemats was discussed and generally thought a good idea. NA said he saw this as not a profit making exercise, but more as promoting the society's name.

3, Fete Raffle Tickets, MV reported that raffle tickets are to be sold on the same basis as the community car raffle i.e. 50/50. It was decided to ask each member to accept 1 book of 10 tickets, to sell to family and friends.

4, Chichely Hall, Helen Vale suggested that an outing to Chicheley Hall be arranged. NA was reluctant to organise another outside visit after such a low attendance to the previous one, to the local studies centre. However PT is to suggest a joint outing with the New Thursday Group as she thought this may appeal to them.

5, Bletchley Park, NA and SAQ attended a one day course / seminar entitled "Promotions On A Shoe-String". In the main it was aimed at organisations larger than us, or different in aims. Such as local museums who need to promote themselves to a wider public, at minimal cost. It was however an interesting day and has given us food for thought about appealing to a wider age group. NA and SAQ thought that our membership forms and information sheets and Constitution would look better on a superior quality paper, without costing too much.

Research from this seminar also showed that events held on Sundays are better attended than those held on any other day, including Saturdays.

6, Aerial Photos, NA has bought a collection of 31 aerial photos of the 'Bottom End' of the village. These were the residue of the set that was being sold around the village, framed for 10 to 25 each. The cost to the society was 30.

7, MK Heritage Assc. NA has received the minutes of the last committee meeting, this was at the MK Discovery Centre and was attended by MV as SHS representative.

8, Membership, NA stated that our current membership stands at 28.

9, MKCVO, SAQ has received a reminder to pay the 2003/04 membership fee of 10, this has been now done.

10, Treasurer, MV has stated that he needs to retire from his post as treasurer, by the end of the year. His family and work commitment has grown and he feels he cannot devote the time to carry out the job to his satisfaction.. It was suggested that David Coe be approached to take over the post. NA, SAQ, and PT expressed their understanding of his position. MV would still like to be a committee member and will continue to be Web Master.

The meeting closed at 10 pm (or thereabouts) and our thanks were given to Pearl for hospitality.

PT expressed her concern that NA as he recorded Minutes and wrote the Newsletters used the abbreviation ' & ' instead of writing in full 'and '. This has now been taken note of and will be in future spelt in full. (Despite the extravagant waste of ink, space and manpower)



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