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SHS Meeting Minutes 43



COMMITTEE MEETING 29th March 2004, 7-30 pm.

33, Crofts End, Sherington

Present: Norman Arnold, Sheila Quinn, Pearl Teasdale and Mark Vale.

  1. New Tape Recorder: Philip Smith has given us an ex-BBC commercial quality 7inch reel tape recorder. It will prove to be useful at meetings as the reel will not need to be changed. This needs a small amount of attention, That Oliver Powell has undertaken. Mark is to enquire if the school still wish to keep the original small cassette tape recorder that was given to us as part of the Millennium Project.
  2. 2nd Photograph Allbum: David Mackay has given us a photograph album from the 2002 Golden Jubilee celebration at the Village Hall and recreation ground. SAQ is to write and thank him for the Jubilee album and the Son et Lumiere album that he has already donated to us.
  3. Phyllis Loxley-Walton: Phyllis Walton has given Norman all the background material for the book that she produced "A Walk Around Sherington", published in 1988. The collection includes a proof copy, a diary of events, book of thankyou letters and a photograph album by Ernie Ricket of the walk around the village. The committee agreed that the collection should be preserved using archive type materials and copies of the original "essays" made, as far as possible, for public display – the originals being too important to have on general display at public meetings. SAQ to send a letter of thanks to Phyllis.
  4. Notelets: These are to be sold in packets of four notelets; the price has yet to be finalised but £2.20p/£2.25p was suggested. Norman is to speak to Alan Simms regarding selling them in the village shop and also about a profit margin for the shop. Afterwards Sheila will speak to Teddy in the Post Office. By putting 4 notelets in a pack we can follow the first issue with 2 further packs – all using the Edith Lucas paintings. A "modern" set can be printed at a later date. Alan Barber will supply us with thick polythene envelope bags at cost for packaging and Norman will produce small stick on labels bearing the SHS logo for securing the bags. Sheila is to organise an advert in the May issue of Scan.
  5. School Logbooks: All now transcribed!!!!!!!!!!!! The current logbook will not be transcribed as there are people still living in the village who are mentioned in it, also it is not completely filled. There is only an index to Vol. three to be compiled. The committee noted a vote of thanks to Norman for his hard work.
  6. Winkleigh Magazine: Norman is to follow up the progress by the Winkleigh Magazine on their House Detective project (Winkleigh is in Devon) and also send them a copy of SCAN.
  7. Mrs. Caroline Ellis of Emberton has given a book about the Mynard and Meakins families written by a member of the Meakins family to Philip Smith. PS has passed it to SHS. This is not strictly a Sherington only book, but the lives of these families are closely connected. SAQ to write a letter of thanks to Mrs. Ellis.
  8. Herr Fred Neibel has telephoned Norman on two occasions following Norman’s letter to him. Herr Neibel was a POW in Sherington during WW2. He hopes to be visiting England on the 9th, 10th and 11th May and would like to meet us. We now have several copies of letters from ex POWs.
  9. North Crawley Historical Society: The five members of the newly formed Society visited Norman in the village hall to see how SHS files and archives are arranged. It is hoped that this budding society will achieve success and that there will be an exchange of information between the two villages. Historically the two villages have shared many events and still do.
  10. Treasurer: Pearl reported that she has paid the cheque for £122 from the MK Car Raffle and £50 in cash into the bank. Some member’s subs are still outstanding – Pearl is to send a reminder letter to them.
  11. Future AGMs: Following the success of this years AGM as a combined birthday party and meeting, it was decided that future AGMs will take the form of a Cheese and Wine evening after the formal business has concluded.

The next Committee meeting will be held on Monday, 26th April 2004 at 7:30pm at Sheila’s. at 24, School Lane, Sherington.

Thanks to Pearl for her hospitality.

S.A.Q. & N.A.


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