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SHS Meeting Minutes 46



COMMITTEE MEETING 14th June 2004, 7-30 pm.

33, Crofts End, Sherington

Present: Pearl Teasdale, Mark Vale & Norman Arnold.

Apologies: Sheila Quinn.

  1. Apologies: that there was not a committee meeting in May owing to the unavailability of a quorum.
  2. Fred Niebel: Norman stated that following Fred Niebel's visit, three phone calls had been received about the June May Smith. These will be followed up. The visit of F.N. was a great success and a file has been opened on the Subject.
  3. The Millennium Wall Hanging: The result of a short discussion about the millennium wall hanging was that, there was little to do, as Enid Pepper was making all the arrangements.
  4. Flower Festival Exhibition: The day of our exhibition on Saturday 26th June were simply to put on show as much of the collected data as possible. Pearl, Mark, Kay Don & Norman will be in attendance for parts of the day. Also the wall hanging will be on view. Opening from approx 12am until 5pm. No refreshments will be served. The medium sized tables will be laid out with chairs round them. Also if possible an old computer will be made available to the public to view the web-site, from a disc that has been recorded by Ian. (This was successfully done).
  5. Web-site: Ian Collinge has made a good start on updating the web-site. The NEW church tour is virtually completed. Also several other areas have been completed. In consequence of his work for us, the committee thought it appropriate to make Ian an Honorary member. This was done.

Next committee meeting arranged for Monday 19th July.

The meeting closed at 9pm, giving thanks to Pearl for her hospitality.



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