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SHS Meeting Minutes 56



Monday 11th April 2005, 24 School Lane

An extra meeting convened specifically to discuss the Sherington Fete Quiz.

Present: Norman Arnold, Pearl Teasdale, Mark Vale & Sheila Quinn.

Apologies: Kay Tyrell

  1. E-mails. Norman has received 7 E-mails from Margaret Sedgwick regarding a family named Storers who lived at The Gables in the 1870s. She included some interesting photographs, some of which require investigation. An E-mail was also received from Benjamin Whittaker of Castle Ashby Estates regarding advertising in the SCAN. Norman will pass the E-mail to Betty Feasey.
  2. Tuesday, 12th April: (Bygones Evening.) Norman has entrance tickets and Pearl has some raffle prizes. SAQ will take the door money and Pat Q will sell raffle tickets. Norman will ask Anita if she will provide the refreshments as usual.
  3. Fete Quiz. The main business of the evening was the discussion of the quiz that Pearl has put together for the Fete. The questions were discussed at some length and the final list decided upon. Norman has produced an excellent quiz booklet, which he will show to Sue Herbert, duly amended with the extra questions, for approval or otherwise! (Was approved). Norman used Pearl's questions for the booklet but Mark had composed some more. Five of his questions were added and some of Pearl's were deleted, giving a final total of 32.
  4. The added questions are:

    • Which public building has a sun dial (scratch dial)?
    • Who was murdered in Sherington in 1872?
    • How many named Lanes are there now in Sherington?
    • To which diocese is Sherington attached?

    Clues for some of the questions will be within our stall display. The rest will only require a short walk around the village or can be answered from local knowledge. Sheila thought that possibly all the answers could be "hidden" in the display for those who could not or did not want to wander around the village. No final decision was made.

    The meeting ended at 9pm. With thanks to SAQ for her hospitality.

    SAQ & NA


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