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SHS Meeting Minutes 61



23 Carters Close Sherington, 5th September 2005

Present: Norman, Pearl, Mark and Kay.


The Previous meeting minutes were read and approved and there were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report:

Next meeting ‘The stagger’ - Norman would remind the members about the stagger around the village on 13th September. The plan is to visit old drinking establishments in the village with Philip giving us some background information. Meet at the village hall car park at 7.30pm prompt. Kay to provide paper cups and Norman the drink and bottle opener.

SCAN Article: - The next SCAN article will be about Dr. John Chene.

Bowls Club Diary & photos: - All the minutes plus some more photos have been made available to Norman, right from 2nd April 1990. It is thought it was originally set up help from Help The Aged. The first Chairman was Roy Kingswell, Secretary was Monica Cheeseman and Treasurer was Eileen West. Marion Macdonald was also a founder member

Chibnall: - Mark gave a copy of Chibnall to the society which has been passed via his wife, Helen, from Barry and Jane Hollis previously residents in Carters Close. On the inside cover the inscription read, J.W.W. Line, 8 The Knoll 1966. The book belonged to Barry’s first father in law Mr Mead.

Secretary's Report:

POW: - The society received an E mail from a Mr Dave Clarke who was searching for info on a person called Milorad Llac. Kay wrote off to Fred Niebel ex-POW now living ion in Wuppertal to ask if he had heard of this person. Fred’s reply was negative but during his last stay in Buckingham he met up with another POW Frank Bernert. (Kay to make contact with see if he knew Milorad).

Letter from Tasmania: - The society received a letter from C.J. Pretyman who lives Hobart Tasmania. Who has asked for a copy of the Pretyman family tree. They would be happy to send on info to Howard Dalton regards the Pretyman family tree. Kay has written to Howard sending him a copy of the letter. No reply as of meeting.

Treasurers Report

Pearl produced a cash sheet 01 January – 25, July 2005.-£1,588.47.

Web site - We still hold onto second place for the most hits 11,000 plus A hit is each time a page is accessed. A visit is a person that looks at the Web site.
37.7% UK, 43.5% USA, 18% others.

E mails - There were 4 this month.

1. 1st August 05 from Dawn Mills to say the transcription on the 1841 Sherington census about the ‘Freeman’ Family who lived in Water Lane was correct. (It had been queried as the writing was poor) Dawn went on to say that she has other records in her possession and had enjoyed visiting our site.
2. 13th August 05 from Helen Line Helen wrote to say she was the great granddaughter of Sidney Line who was born in Sherington in 1901. Helen would like any information on the Line ‘wood yard ‘ and the Line family and wondered if we had any family photos.
3. 31st August 05 from John Attfield John forwarded information on Thomas Ivester-Lloyd. In the 1901 census he was recorded as an Artist and his address was Ashlyn, Peterboro Rd, Harrow-on –the –Hill, Middlesex. In 1900 he married in Newport Pagnell, Florence Mary Bunting (b1873 in Newport Pagnell), a daughter of a butcher William Bunting – and his wife Sarah Laundon Attfield (John Attfield’s 3rd cousin twice removed). Sarah died in 1879, aged 37, William subsequently re-married.
4. 3rd September from Linda Collins Linda got in touch to say she has a painting by Paul Mann, she has been unable to sent us a picture via E mail because of technical problems. The picture was brought by her in Hampshire at a car boot sale. The lady who sold it said her granddad brought it at auction. Linda would like to know, If he is still alive and any info on him e.g. did he go to art college.


Open Day 1st October SVH: - Mark has downloaded pictures on to the computer of the scarecrows and Fete. Caroline Leslie is still happy to show her paintings. Information on the farms is coming together. We could have info on 15 farms. So hopefully each farm will have written article and hopefully a picture. Colin Davis has some work on farms so Norman will cross ref. Some of the info.

Bakers Farm			Church Farm
Village Farm			Far Farm
Home Farm			New Manor Farm
Griggs Farm			End farm
Yew Tree Farm
Gowles Farm
Mercers Farm
Manor Farm
Hazelmead Farm		Sherington Bridge Farm   

Open Day 1st October SVH: - On the day we shall run a raffle. Pearl has kindly donated a bottle of wine. Kay shall serve teas. probably from 2-4pm. The previously owned duvet covers Norman and Kay got from ‘Wake up to Partnership’ have been made up by Kay and her Mum into hemmed covers for the display tables.

The Stagger: - To take place on the 13th September. 7.30 pm prompt at VH car park ,Philip to guide us to the old pubs in town stopping at each for a quick slurp. Then back to the village hall. Norman to provide the booze, Kay to organise plastic cups and a few nibbles.

Next Committee Meeting: - At Kay’s (Carters Close) 7.30pm 26th September.

Recorder: - Norman has seen a small voice recorder for £39.95. Its an Olympus runs for 240 minutes has a microphone extension. Norman to check out if John Lewis stock it and if it’s the same price a Dixon’s.

A Walk Around Sherington: - Mark: It is still coming along, the indexing needs to be done, of names and places. We discussed the options regards to how to bind it, still looking at metal and plastic. Norman to check out Viking and also inquire where SCAN is printed now.

The meeting closed at 11pm due to a late start Norman and Mark got stopped by Kay’s mum on the way to the meeting so went for a quick one down the pub. ‘only joking chaps’ Chance would be fine thing.

KT and NA


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