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SHS Meeting Minutes 63



23 Carters Close Sherington, 28th November 2005

Present: Norman, Pearl, Sheila, Mark and Kay.


The minutes of the last meeting were approved. There were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report:

Church Bazaar: - Reporting that the sale of Christmas cards, notlets and other Historical Society merchandise at the Church Bazaar had been reasonable, Norman said he would place some Christmas cards in the local shop and check up on sales of other items previously left. Kay, Mark and Pearl placed orders for Christmas cards.

Village Hall - The SHS meetings at the village hall have been booked for 2006. The dates for the committee meeting have to be decided.

Stockwood Park Museum - Speakers and other subjects for meetings - The possibility of visiting Stockwood Park museum in the Spring seems to be a popular venue. A Sunday afternoon would be the most convenient.
It was also suggested that a visit to 78 Derngate might be of interest, Pearl said she would find out more as it had been suggested as a Thursday Group outing for next year. It was also suggested to contact a speaker called Joy Green (Pearl to ask Liz Hughes for E mail address) and also Norman also suggested a speaker from Bucks family History – Lesley Williams. Mark also suggested a speaker Neil Loudon who has knowledge about Hayes Boatyard at Stony Stratford.

SCAN article - The January article could feature information about Ella and her routine winding the church clock. plus other historical information about the clock. It was also suggested that as Maurice Stanton-Saringer the Rector was leaving, a list of Births, Marriages and Deaths could be produced, Mark said he could do this.

Newsletter: - It was pointed the incorrect statement about the fete monies. It stated that the largest sum had gone to Willen Hospice, this was incorrect. The largest sum had gone to the church £5,445.

Members Christmas Party - 13th December SVH. Sheila Q has brought wine she will also provide sausage rolls. Pearl will provide mince pies. Kay to buy soft drinks ‘Shloer ‘and orange juice, nuts and crisps. Gail Wood has offered to provide cheese straws. Enid said she could provide us with a quiz and Ollie has offer to set up a music quiz.

PC - The possibility of buying a PC for the Historical Society to archive material was discussed. Norman had done some legwork to check out different options at Staples, PC World and John Lewis. Both Norman and Mark will make a decision in the near future. The A3 scanner looks promising and has its own software.

Donation - Gillian Nursaw-Smith has sent a donation to the society of £20 (which includes her subs for 2006) Kay to write a letter of thanks.

Poem - Norman has typed out a poem found in the archive by an unknown writer. It appears to be a poem written about a person who is retiring.(amongst David Byrne’s papers)

Books published in Sherington - David Middleton who lives at 6 Church Road publishes technical data books, (country profiles).

Photographs - Norman has acquired copies of John Coles, Jackie Gadby’s father and one taken a week last Saturday 19th Nov ‘Give a Tin’ day in aid of the Salvation Army, of Phillip and Tom outside the caravan on the Knoll.

Address Book - Norman has started an address book so we can keep addresses of contacts e.g. Mk Heritage, speakers, at our fingertips.

Average attendance - Throughout the year it has been 13.4 people per meeting.

Secretary's Report:

Christmas cards - Kay to send to Neil Loudon MK Heritage Chairman, Fred Niebel POW and Ruth Meardon at MK Local Studies, MK Library.

Raffle tickets - They will be available at the next meeting. (13th Dec).

Meal at Chester Arms - Members wishing to come out for the meal on 24th January need to return their choice from the menu at the next meeting (13th Dec).

Treasurers Report

Insurance – Pearl received a letter from Eileen West VH Treasurer about insurance at the village hall. Although Norman has spoken to John Cooke about the possibility of a new computer we must make sure the insurers are up dated on the purchase. At present it stands at 2 million, 3rd party.

HSBC Bank plc – Pearl has been to acquire the necessary paper work to open our new account. All the members of the committee present at the meeting, agreed to sign the mandate.
We certify that the following resolutions were passed at the meeting of the Committee of the 'Sherington Historical Society' held on '28th November 2005' and have been entered in the minute book.
It was agreed to open the account with the cheque from the Fete Committee.

Web site: - Norman wasn’t able to contact Ian Collinge. We are now 3rd in the hits parade, behind Hanslope.

Correspondence/E mails

Thank you – Jane Ranger sent a thank you note for the information she requested.

Emails 1. Colin Davis – The documents to Sherington Place were lent to him and the indentures researched showing the changes in ownership over the years. (1794-1994) These documents could be worth £15 to £25 each depending on their age and information, making the lot worth around £300. He would very much like to borrow them over the Christmas period to research them more thoroughly.
2. Andrew Turner – Gowles farm. He has been back in touch with Norman and promises to send some information and wishes to visit and reminisce about the bike ride in 1982.
3. Carol Hewson – Philip read out letters at the last meeting relating to her relative Ivester Lloyd. Norman had forwarded them to her and she wrote to thank us.

MK Heritage – Mark handed over a handful of E-mails from MK Heritage some of the subjects were

Welcome host – training days relating to nationally-accredited qualification. Developed by Visit Britain (formerly the English tourist Board) Will help develop skills when working in sectors of tourism.

Grant – MK Heritage Association notification of a grant for£1000 and notification of their next meeting. Mark asked if any one else would like to go tomorrow 29th November, as he is unable to make it.

AGM – Minutes of the MK Heritage Association had been sent to us. 28th Sept 05 including revised constitution.

Speakers – A list of speakers has been sent to us, these may come in useful when planning speakers for our programme for next year.

Milton Keynes Inspire – Up date on information about their online database that allows anyone to find out about collections held libraries or information centers.

Survey – Survey of people coming to Milton Keynes October2005
It was suggested by Mark that we open a file for E-mails from MK Heritage.


Ink Jet no 26 – Mark had researched information about inks for the printer in the VH on Ebay 51626A is the correct no. Costing from £1.70 to £6 plus p and p.

Mark had found several voice recorders. DS 23 5hr 30mins recording time, VN60 and DW360. The decision to buy one could be made at the same time as we purchase the PC.

In the event of the society folding the arrangements for the taking over of the archive by Sherington PC was not properly discussed. To go on the agenda next time.

The meeting closed at 10.15 pm. With thanks being given to Kay for her hospitality. Next general meeting SVH – Christmas Party 13th December 8pm Next committee meeting at Pearl’s 9th January 2006

KT and NA


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