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SHS Meeting Minutes 70



23 Carters Close Sherington, 24th April 2006

Present: Norman, Sheila, Mark and Kay.

Apologies: Pearl

Matters Arising: ‘Little Bird’ should have read ‘Jack Daw’ in the last set of minutes The HSBC bank account is awaiting a signature by Sheila and then it will be ready for use with a cheque book.

Chairman's Report:

Scan article for June - After a discussion and many suggestions, Flowers Festival, The Manor and previous Fete’s, the Sherington first School 50th Anniversary it was decided to research Haynes Garage. Norman felt it a good subject for which we should have plenty of material. We could use some info from ‘A Walk Around Sherington’ by Phyllis Loxley.

May Day: Plans are a foot for the May Day Celebrations. We hope to have a table and sell a wide selection of our notelets, new’ Thank You’ cards and other S.H.S merchandise. Kay to collect the stock held by Virginia House Stores. Norman has offered to make a sign with the S.H.S logo on it. Also we could put out membership forms. Norman to print these off if Sheila can’t find any in her garage. Kay and Norman to meet Tuesday pm (now Wednesday) to get every thing ready. On the day Sheila and Pearl to help man the stall.

Visit to Emberton: Members have had their newsletter to remind them of the visit to Emberton ‘The Well and Towers’, Historical Society at the pavilion Wednesday Lifts have been arranged for some members Kay to chase up other members to see if they need a lift.

P Smith - Sheila circulated the article about Philips life and work and his interest in trying to manage a ‘sense of village community’. Sheila will show it and discuss it further with Pearl. Mark suggested the word education should be used some how. (other meanings values, philosophy, culture, teaching, beliefs, way of life). The article could then be signed by Norman and forwarded to June Drew, using headed note paper.

Flower Festival - We have told the organisers that we should like to take part. We are in our 7th Year and therefore will try to incorporate copper and wool in the floral display. This is appropriate for a 7th anniversary. A donation for flowers to be made.

Scarecrow Competition - Starting with a workshop by Philip on the 3rd June. This is the same day as the Plant sale on the Knoll. The competition will start on the 18th June leading up to judging on Friday the 23rd June followed by the Flower Festival at the weekend 24th and 25th. It is hoped the Scarecrows will give added interest to visitors to the village on that weekend.

School Admissions Book: - Norman has asked if the SHS might borrow the admissions book He would like to transcribe up to the entries for the 1970’s.

50th Anniversary: - Sherington First School could be celebrating it’s 50th year. From the log book, the school opened for education July 22nd 1957. But the official opening was later, Thursday 8th May 1958.

Secretary's Report:

Thank you cards: One has been sent to Valerie Bates who has kindly donated four original Arthur Crump pictures. Valerie was ‘over the moon’ with her card. and sent a bunch of daffodils for Anita for chauffeuring on the night. Also a Thank you card need‘s to go to Lesley Williams who gave the members a very interesting talk on the subject of Family History.

North Crawley Historical Society: has been contacted regards the spare copies of SCAN that Norman and Kay sorted out last Tuesday. John Brandon will get back within 2 weeks as of today 26th April 2006. Chris their secretary also called this evening we will meet up pm tomorrow evening at Emberton to discuss this further,

Stockwood Park: still have not issued an up date of their ‘What’s on’ program for May onwards. Kay to phone in a couple of weeks if this has not been on forwarded.

Treasurers Report Pearl was absent from the meeting nothing to report. Note: Kay spoke to Alan at the shop today; he needs to bill us for the 12 bottles of wine from our AGM.

Web Site/lan Collinge - Ian reported to Norman that we are still 3rd in the hits parade. He has asked Norman for some back copies of Newsletters on disc.

Correspondence / E mails - One very interesting E mail came in from someone researching their family. Sent to Australia by assisted passage, a family of 13 children, wants to know if he was a descendant of Sherington Mark said that he would try to acquire a list of BMD’s from the church records. Norman thought the transcribing of such document might be done by Bucks Family History Society. Note; today the 1841 census went on line.26th April 2006.


Whilst filing in the Archive a piece of paper was found relating to The Chibnall Awards. Norman will ask Philip if he knows any information about this. The article suggested an annual competition in Arts and Literature that was run to encourage interest in and awareness of the village of Sherington. Closing date 30th September 1988.

Voice Recorder A voice recorder has still not been purchased and it was felt it could still be of great use for interviewing people who live with in the village and may have an interesting tale to tell about their life in the village over the years. Mr Wilmin, Mrs B Smith, Mrs G Coles and Mr C Stephens. The recorder needs to be digital saving the media as a sound bite, 2 hours minimum recording with an extension microphone. The cost of the recorder needs to be realistically priced and suite our needs.

George Watts: Sheila reminded us that there is an interview on tape that we may wish to make a copy.

Copper Beech: A book of signatures was given to the society by David Hyde Chairman of the Parish Council. The signatures were collected on the day the Parish Council celebrated it’s Centenary Year. in 1995. At the ceremony a Copper Beech Tree was planted but has since died. Norman suggested we try to purchase another tree. Mark to ask Helen. Kay to ask Colin Storey.

The meeting closed at 9.45 pm with thanks to Kay for her hospitality especially the chocolate biscuits. The next Committee Meeting will be on (29th May BH) so June 5th 7.30 pm Venue TBA The next General Meeting will be at SVH 9th May 8 pm.


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