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SHS Meeting Minutes 72



Held at 23 Carters Close, 26th June 2006

Present: Norman, Sheila, Mark and Kay.

Apologies: Pearl

The minutes of the previous meetings minutes (No 71) were approved.

Matters Arising: Mark will try to down load a copy of Family Tree Maker from DABS at a cost of 35 which will be reimbursed to him by the SHS. A voice recorder has now been purchased by Norman. It was tried out at the last General Meeting and proved to be very good. At the next meeting it was agreed to place it in the centre of the group to get maximum number of voices recorded, especially for those with quieter voices. It will record 2hours of talk time. Norman suggested we could purchase an omni direction microphone at a later date if we thought it necessary.

Chairman's Report:

Scan Results of the Scarecrow Competition June 2006.41 Scarecrows and 31 entries, there were more attributed to Philip& Betty Feasey not included. We had six winners.
Adult Mr Peter Soul
Children 1st prize Antonia and Imogen Lawrence
      Joint 2nd prize Aedin McCabe, Eleanor Kennedy, and Ellie Hunt/Megan Down.
      Special Award Sam and Joshua Brister
It was agreed to give the winners, seconds and special award winners vouchers valued at 3 or 2 that could be redeemed at Virginia House Stores. Norman would speak to Alan, and then he would go ahead and print some vouchers and certificates. The Adult winner would also get the mounted horn that Betty has held for the last year and the Lawrence girls will get the model of the scarecrow that Philip has kindly donated.

Meantime will feature the results of the scarecrow competition. Norman will write a short piece about some of the scarecrows. He will include the story about how Mr Soul takes his dog every morning for a walk, taking with him a black plastic bag and picks up litter. This inspired his Litter Bug Scarecrow for this year's competition. Norman went on to say that he and Philip had discussed that Philip needs more publicity next year. With permission from the person running the plant sale it is hoped to give a better incite into the manufacture of a scarecrow at various stages, Kay offered pictures she had taken during constructing her scarecrow, Mark also offered to reconstruct his. Norman said we could keep bits and reconstruct another nearer the time. It was agreed to publicise the scarecrow comp. in the May SCAN next year ready for the plant sale in early June.

Second hand computer: Norman agreed to further evaluate this and report back. It will cost 30 if it is suitable.

Steddon's paintings - Mr Steddon died some time ago and Mrs Steddon is in a home in south Wales. Their home in Leys View has been emptied by a couple of relatives. Norman was contacted to see if we would like to borrow some paintings. Mrs Steddon was an artist. One of her painting had been used in the book A Walk Around Sherington By Philis Loxley. There are 20 in all, one was by her husband Jim. Norman will photograph them and they will be returned to the relatives after the exhibition in September. The relatives may come to the exhibition. They also gave Norman some papers in a folder. A map of the flood plain in Sherington 1972, A map of Sherington, A booklet How To Improve Your Village,( not Sherington) How to run a parliamentary election 1970 and Olney Floral Fiesta 1989, Expansion of Northampton, Jim was interested in becoming a Parish councillor in 1979. Mark studied the map of the flood plain and commented on the flood area shown.

Admissions book: - Kay has got the phone number for Joyce Tranter, it is hoped she may be able to help Norman solve the problem of the missing numbers, approximately 600. The entries could be on the alphabetical list. Sheila Quinn is transcribing this part. The book was started in 1925. It was legislated that children names entered. Name and admission number were written in the alphabetical section. If Joyce can not help we may ask Charles Stephens as he was head before her from 1957. May be some one in the law side of school or an official from the council could help us. Betty Feasey was asked but was unable to help.

Bucks family history via Lesley Williams has asked for copies of the admissions book when it finished together with the transcribed punishment booklet. Norman told the meeting that Bucks Family History Group had recently purchased a super digi camera, which we may be able to copy some of our larger documents. Lesley asked Norman for a set of notelets so she could give them to her friend Mr Feasey who has roots in Sherington. Also she has asked for 3 x A4 sized copies of the Edith Lucas pictures. Norman queried copyright, whether we had had permission to copy them in any way shape or form. Norman couldn't remember any paper work. Mark checked his file for any reference to the paintings (minutes 28th May 2002 stated we would seek permission from the PC. Norman felt sure this had been done and the correspondence file needs to be checked). Norman wasn't worried as once the paintings had been copied for sale John Cook gave Norman a set of left over ones. Norman will speak to JC to see if there any more. JC got them printed through his old company. If we have to print some copies it was discussed what to charge taking into consideration cost of paper and printing ink. Norman will talk to her and negotiate a price.

Raffle Prize: - Sheila has offered an unframed copy of St Laud's Church by Edith Lucas for a raffle prize for our Open Day (if she can find it). The other committee members thought it a very suitable prize. Norman if told the size of the painting might find a suitable frame.

Gillian Nursaw-Smith: - Gillian got in touch to say how sorry she was that that she didn't seem to be contributing anything to the society. Unfortunately her mother is being nursed from home, which has kept her busy, As from next week she hopes to have broad band and could possibly offer to do some research for the society.

Flower Festival: Norman has printed off some of the photos he has taken, using photo shop in slightly larger format from thumb nails. Kay produced similar size pictures of the Proms in the park from Sunday 25th. It was agreed to forward a Thank you card to Sheila Line for making such a lovely flower arrangement on behalf of the society. Also a Thank you card should be sent congratulating Betty Feasey for organising the Flower Festival and Open Gardens. It was a wonderful weekend.

Philip Smith asked Norman for info on Dr J Cheyne memorial on behalf of Emberton Historical Society. Norman found the information that Eileen West had written many years ago.

1881 Census Resident of the Union Work House Newport Pagnell was given to the society by Philip Smith, the information was taken from the internet. Several villagers appear in it listed with occupation, &/or infirmity and comment such as idiot. deaf, blind, imbecile. The owner of the workhouse a James Bukley was born in Novia Scotia.
Archie Hickson a relative of Helen her great uncle last resident of Knoll Cottage before Mark and Helen was sent to Renee Lodge after becoming infirm. He knew it as the poor house. He really didn't want to go there and died soon after. Renee Lodge was an old people home latterly. Sheila stated places called Mount pleasant were the sites of work houses.

Norman showed us two designs from Caroline to make into a Congratulations or Get Well card. A small sketch of a boy on crutches and a little girl with a teddy bear could be used together with the easel with various titles. Norman will discuss further with Caroline. These will be for the committee and members only to sent out as required. It was felt we had a good supply already at the shop.

Open Day 30th September: A rough plan has been made of the proposed layout for the village hall. It was thought that computers with slide shows could be shown in the committee room. One on May Day and one on artists. The quantity of paintings we could display is growing. The staging could be moved around to provide suitable display areas. Norman and Kay have acquired some large piece of card that could be strung from the 'A' frames in the ceiling of the hall. to display none framed pictures. It was discussed that we could call in other display boards possible from school and the church. The serving hatch should be used for refreshment along with a small area for seating at tables.

Eulogy from the funeral of George Watts via Philip Smith.

John Risby: Norman has been given photos from John Risby's trip to Himalayas and a synopsis of each day during his trip.

Text and graphics paper from Helen Maitland: Helen has given us some paper which is a 160gm in weight; Norman said it would be good to try to make a professional looking presentation document using it.

Secretary's Report:

Stockwood park: It was decided at the last general meeting to go to Stockwood park on 17th September 2006. They need notification if the group is over 10. Kay will put out a list at the next general meeting to see who would like to go.

Send a thank you card to Sheila and Betty for their efforts at the Flower Festival.

Send a Welcome to the village card to Mandy Marriott the Rector and her family. Andrew / husband, Son / Peter Charlotte / daughter.

Belated Apologies from Diana Morgan for the last General Meeting. Diana would like to keep in touch via E mail, Norman suggested giving her his card so she could E mail him. Kay to deliver it.

Treasurers Report Pearl has sent a run down of the accounts. The balance stands at 1,644.24

Pearl has noted us to discuss a donation to SCAN of 25 as last year ( sorry forgot to talk about this)

Web Site/lan Collinge - no news from Ian however we need to check he can up date the site with pictures from the Scarecrow, Flower Festival and the proms from the weekend of 24th and 25th June 2006.

Correspondence - Sheila has received some leaflets from MK INSPIRE. It was agreed for them to go out with the next news letters or to members at the next meeting.

Email - Newport Pagnell Library Invitation to Draft Cultural Strategy meeting on 11th July

Email - Heritage lottery grant structure of funding will not change up to 2009.


Mark reported back from his meeting at MK Heritage last week. Not all the information was relevant. The Resource Centre, 2007 Celebration, Heritage Open Days were all discussed for this year and next. Other discussions were about the Education committee, Archaeological Committee, Cultural alliance, for which Mark said he had some more paperwork to respond to.

40th Anniversary for next year ADiscussion about places of interest that could be opened e.g. the windmill or behind the scenes of the shopping centre. It was agreed to send a notification of our Open Day on 30th September 06 to MK Heritage.

British Library / Invitation to participate in Web preservation programme: As part of an archiving web consortium the British Library is undertaking a 2 year pilot scheme to archive selected web sites. To show good intent we need to send a letter to allow them to copy our web site. We would be assured that the British Library will agree to preserve our website. The Question of copyright arose, we could give them authority where we have had authority.

Norman stated there were postcards and pictures that we didn't own the copyright to, because they are owned by other people & also the original manufacturer. He went on to say that the text that we have written belongs to us. Mark went on to suggest that we write to give them permission to copy our bits. Norman said 'They can have every thing but its up to them to sort out copy right for various of the bits and pieces.'

The meeting closed at 10pm as Norman was going up the pub.

Date of next committee meeting Wednesday 9th August (Norman will notify us if he if unable to make it)
Date of next general meeting Tuesday 11th July


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