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SHS Meeting Minutes 73



Held at Pearl's 33 Crofts End, 4th September 2006

Present: Norman, Pearl, Sheila, Mark, Caroline and Kay.

Apologies: None

The minutes of the previous meetings minutes (No 72) were approved.

Matters Arising: Mark will purchase 'Family Tree Maker' version 16 at £35 on behalf of the society. He questioned if we wanted to wait for an up dated version out soon, but it was decided to go ahead with the present copy from DABS. Norman has had time to check out the second hand computer he brought. It is adequate for showing slide shows and will be kept by the society. Norman stated that the computer fairs were not on at the moment and we need to purchase a supply of paper that we use for the printing the notelets. Either 120g or 190g coated A4 paper has to be sourced. Pearl offered to visit Doodles and Norman will contact another supplier, it may have to be sent by post, so extra costs may have to be considered when pricing up the notelets. Thanks go to Sheila who found her Edith Lucas picture. The print has since been framed ready for a raffle prize for the Open Day on the 30th September. A letter must be sent to the Clerk of the PC asking for confirmation about the copyright on the Edith Lucas paintings. Confirmation from the PC as to the whereabouts of the original would also be appreciated.

Chairman's Report:

SCAN article for October - Sheila suggested an article about the pump on the Knoll, or possibly the Cumulus in Mr Cook's field, adjacent to the top of Crofts end and the corner of the Bedford road. Sheila and Pearl offered to write an article for October. The work on the Admissions book from Sherington School has ground to a halt, due to summer holidays and work for the Open Day. Sheila has also just got a new computer, and she will endeavour to get started again when time allows as will Norman. The Bygones evening on 24th August was well supported. The door, refreshments and raffle takings raising £105.05p of which £100 will be donated to the Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney, helping them to purchase some important artefacts. Pearl wrote a cheque which Philip, Norman and Kay will deliver to the Museum 8th September. Thanks to Philip for a great supply of slides delivered with the usual exhaustive enthusiasm and detail. The Get Well and Congratulations card designed by Caroline were discussed. It was felt we should keep the designs for the members only and that maybe Caroline could design another for us to produce for sale.

Secretary's Report:

Sheila has received some pamphlets from English Heritage about events taking place this weekend. It was felt the best place for these would be Virgina House stores as our next members meeting is not until the 12th September. At least some members of the public could be made aware of the events taking place. We have received some better photographs of Mr and Mrs Steddon from their relation in Cardiff, for displaying with the paintings at the Open Day. Mrs L Smith, 12 Triscombe Drive, Llandaff. Cardiff CF5 2PN. Stockwood Park the visit is still planned for the 17th September members to meet at the Museum. List for names will be put out at the next meeting, Kay will produce a map. Invitations for the Open Day will be sent out to local societies and people who have had connections with the society.

Treasurers Report Pearl gave out the society's finances as £1,662.59. A cheque for £25 will be sent to SCAN.

Web Site/lan Collinge - Norman has updated Ian with all he required, including the last meeting minutes and photos of the scarecrow competition.

E mail - Mark said that the society has received an Email from who lives in Sutton Coldfield. He believes his relations had something to do with the running of the White Hart pub. (Mark mentioned this Email during the chairman's report suggesting the White Hart '. as a subject for SCAN). Norman commented how useful the Family Tree Maker will be to build up a picture of these families associated with Sherington.

Norman to answer Harriet Fenn An Email arrived about Harriets End. (So called because the couple who lived there adopted a girl from Vietnam and called her Harriet, hence Harriet’s End). reference to Paul Mann paintings.


Sheila will ask Martin Williams for display boards for the Open Day.
Ask Philip if he could display a board advertising the event.
Check the notelet stock in the shop and office to make sure we have enough for the Open Day. Remind Philip and Ray Bailey about the November meeting.

Mark had E mails and information from MK Heritage. He felt we should be discussing these earlier in the agenda and therefore we shall talk about these before the Chairman's Report at the next Committee Meeting. In the meantime Norman will circulate the E mails prior to the next meeting so we can discuss the relevance of MK Heritage to the society.

The meeting closed 10.15pm
Date of next committee meeting 25th September 2006 at Kay's
Date of next general meeting 12th September 2006 at Sherington Village Hall


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