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SHS Meeting Minutes 79


SHS Committee Meeting No. 79

Held at Kayís 23 Carters Close 7.30pm 6th March 2007

Present: Mark Vale, Caroline Leslie and Kay Turrell .

Apologies: Pearl Teasdale and Sheila Quinn

The minutes of the previous meeting held on the 31st January were approved.

Matters Arising: There will still be a few changes to the programme for the year. (see later comments)


Arrangements for the AGM were discussed. KT to copy 20 of each Agenda and previous minutes. Pearl will be asked to provide a balance sheet (the audit will have to done after the AGM). Mark will put together a report on behalf of the society covering all the main events which have taken place during the year. Mark proposed a change to the constitution, this will go on the AGM agenda.

5. the Committee to Consist of at least 3 members, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary to be changed to,
4 members, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

Mark will produce a poster to advertise the event. Admission £1 to allow members of the public to view the slides of Sherington that will be shown by Ray Bailey after the business of the AGM. PT to provide the refreshments. KT to check if there are enough raffle tickets and provide a box of chocolates and bottle of wine together with a packet of notlets from stock for prices.

Welcome Pack

Mark has had some replies, some groups need reminding to send in their information. Mark proposed a new layout for the Newsletter and will be shown to Sheila on her return from holiday. To discuss further at next meeting.

April SCAN

Due to Philip kindly writing the article for March the Ernie Rickets article was held over for April. Mark was to E mail Betty with a new heading for the Scan article and to also include a note about May Day. We hope to have a stall and possibly sell our new notlets. Caroline has produced 5 watercolour paintings of playground games, showing children in Sherington School uniform. (if School agree to the proposal). Mark will try to discuss with Arlene Bourne and PTFA. It was also discussed that we make a 6 months calendar of SCAN articles and dates so that we donít miss any dates and events of importance e.g. 7th May, May Day, The Plant Sale and Scarecrow workshop 2nd June, Scarecrow Event 16th - 23rd June, Judging On 23rd June, Open meetings and the Open Day in September on the 29th. SCAN diary to include dates.

Programme for 2007

KT has booked Mark Simmonds for April 10th Victorian and old bottle collector. Mark will book the Living Archive Band for February. July was to be a walk but this has to change to August 12th 2.30pm at Grafton Regis meet at the village hall. Mark has booked 10 places.

RODS Mark has been sent some information that could be useful for School KT to pass on.

E mails Mark had had a reply from Cohn Brown at Caslethorpe who would like to come to our May Meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm


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