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SHS Meeting Minutes 85



Held at 33 Crofts End. 28th August 2007

Present: Mark, Pearl and Kay.

Apologies: Sheila and Caroline

The minutes of the previous minutes were approved with two amendments.
Under Chairman’s report – ‘Mark suggested’ was deleted
At the end of the minutes ‘Matters arising’ should have read A.O.B.

Matters Arising:
Christmas cards Kay has been a bit busy and was only able to produce one mock up. The picture was from a water colour by Caroline Leslie. It was agreed that the subject matter was excellent, a view of the Knoll with snow, looking up Church road including the telephone box and the cottages in the background. More mock ups need to be produced possibly with a boarder and suitable lettering. Kay also said that Caroline had offered another water colour of three naughty choir boys. Kay will speak to Caroline soon and also speak to Angelika Braid who has also offered another view of the church for a Christmas card this year. Time is short but hopefully the designs could be ready for the Open day if only to take orders and then get more printed for 30th November for the Christmas Bazaar.

Open Day 29th September Sherington Shenanigans:
Mark has produced the poster. It was agreed to get them printed and put up about the 15th September. It looks like there are about 10 subjects that we could cover. Kay and Pearl have started pulling out information from the archive. Kay has made the headings for the displays, scanned photos and typed up pieces of relevant information. Anne has offered to look at these and possibly shorten some of the text to give a good balance of information and photos etc. Thanks go to Jill Burgess who has loaned a scrap book full of Sherington and family related newspaper cuttings. Sheila has spoken to Betty about Son et Lumiere she may have some of the costumes still and we should get her to display them. There may possibly be some old scenery stored that we could display. (Spoke to JC 9am 29th all destroyed due to damp and infestation). We have some photos of the Pantomime that took place in February 1980. It’s possible that Jackie Inskipp may have some costumes from that. Mark to enquire. Invites need to go out to local historical societies, use MK Heritage site. Adverts have been placed in The Phone Box and The Town Crier, remind Phil to possibly do a board and an article for the Citizen. There will be a Raffle on the day, sales table with notelets and hopefully Christmas Cards. Refreshments with donations. It was discussed that we could make a donation to Keech Cottage from the takings.

Chairman’s Report:
MK Heritage have sent out the pamphlets for the HODS Days second weekend in September. Kay to check if the shop and PO have supplies and if they have enough pass them on to the village school, possibly with a few on NB about the village. The MK Heritage Association AGM will be held 19th September at Stacey Bushes Museum tea room 8pm. Mark will send his apologies as he is away on business. He suggested that we should make our presence, it was suggested Ian may like to go and or members should be asked at the next general meeting on the10th September. It had been suggested they (MK Heritage) want to make a few changes to their constitution. We had no issues with the proposals. The Agenda would be made available at the next meeting.
All but a few of the new style newsletter had been sent out. It was agreed that the format was excellent. Mark had had problems sending the newsletter to Howard Dalton so his E mail needs to be checked.
The membership is increasing Jill and John Burgess has just joined.
Pearl and Mark took themselves round to Ryan Tanner and presented him with the Shield that has been purchased for the Scarecrow Competition Winner. Pearl will bring her camera to the office and down load the picture A.S.A.P.
Mark stated that he had announced that the 15th September was to be the deadline for the information for the Welcome Pack. Kay passed on the address for the printers of SCAN from Betty. Mark would find out the cost of printing possibly 400 copies of the booklet. He stated that he was hopeful that there were still grants to help with this project. He would also enquire about costs for printing the murder booklet.

Treasurer’s Report:
Pearl queried the cost of hiring the hall for the Open Day. It was agreed she would E mail Viv.
The Balance stands at £2,230.51. There have been very few expenses.
Pearl kindly posted of a reply to Julia Taylor who was researching POW connections. Unfortunately Fred Niebel didn’t recollect an Italian POW but he very kindly sent copies of photo from his time at the camp and these Pearl forwarded with a copy of his post card.
Pearl also wrote to Mrs Pat McThoy in reply to her interest in contacting Irene Steddon.

Secretary’s Report:
In Sheila’s absences Mark read out some E mails and correspondence
*From Ian Collinge – Ian has offered to come along to the Open day with the technology to copy, scan reproduce information and photo’s on display and other people’s photo’s etc. We all thought this a great idea. as it would increase our archive information
*From Ian Collinge – Ian was interested to know if Caroline had written her piece on PC Nibs as he once lived in her house. He also asked Oliver Powell to help with information on the R.O.C post after his recent talk for the SHS at the Village Hall; the info could go on the web site.
Ian has been sent the two missing scarecrow photos.
*From Ian Collinge – Ian has downloaded some of the pictures taken at the Sherington School’s 50th Jubilee celebrations. He also managed some video clips taken on Kay’s camera overcoming a bit of technical stuff.
* From Robert Dymond – Taking over from Dave Muston. This was sent to Ian informing him of workshops that are planned. Ian has replied.
*From Ian Collinge – to Mark talking about advertising and forums. We all concur with Ian that this will not be pursued.
*from Launa Milton 3CR – Is going to hold a slot in the afternoon on the radio about Beds, Herts. and Buck history. She is inviting local people to come into the studio in Luton and give a talk about their locality. We all of course thought of Philip Smith E mail to be circulated at the next general meeting.
*Living Archive Band – This is definitely confirmed for 12th February 2008.
*From Kathleen Green (Jones) – Kathleen rector’s daughter (Rev H.I.K. Jones) 1950’s got in touch with Sheila and has sent to the society information, copies of photos and plans of village related subjects. The plans are of the Old Rectory, she lived there and tell a story about Mr Nursaw who lived in the cottage opposite who tended the vegetable patch. There are several copies of photos of the old rectory and a picture of the garden wall when it fell into School Lane. Sheila has copied these for Jeremy and Madge at the Old Rectory
A copy of a photo of the Newport Pagnell young farmer club. Inc. Sherington people?
Copy’s of photos of the Coronation Float, festivities Frances Jones and Bridget Cook.
A postcard of St Laud’s Church dated Christmas 1950.

Thanks to Pearl for her hospitality the meeting closed at 10.15pm (sorry Pearl)
Date of next committee meeting 25th September Pearl has offered to hold it.


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