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Sherington Historical Society.

Meeting held in the Sherington sports pavilion, Wed. 11th October, 2000.

Those present were:- Norman Arnold Anita Arnold Sheila Line

Jesse Line Enid Pepper Mark Vale Denise Rose

Kay Turrell Lesley Milnes Sheila Quinn

Guests:- Sue Tofts & Mick Tofts.

Apologies were received from :-

Helen Vale Gail Waters Pauline Donnelly.

Welcome to the new members, Kay Turrell & Olliver Powell, Denise Rose, Barrie Hollis, Ella Field, & prospective members Sue & Mick Tofts.

Bowls Club Exhibition. 7, Oct, 2000.

This was our best exhibition day yet, thanks go to Jess & Sheila & Enid for setting up the stall, Helen for helping out, Mark & Norman for the all day stint. We signed on new members on the day & sold 22 booklets on the murder incident. There was the usual great interest shown in old photos, & the files on buildings, people & affairs, but more in depth interest, I feel we gained more credibility than last time, when we exhibited at the church fete. Photos from the villagers, Eileen Morris has donated some school event photos


It is now time to open a treasurers account for the SHS. £176-50 has been taken in by Mark over the past 8 months, & our account stands at £104-29. This account will be with Nationwide of Newport Pagnell. Signatories will be, for the present your 3 officers, Sheila (sec), Mark (treasurer) Norman (chmn).


Norman printed 32 Murder booklets, thanks to the kind offices of Ann & Alan Barber for the use of their copier & free paper & time. All 32, 1st editions have now been sold. The 2nd edition is now being compiled.

The Stacey Bushes Forum, 9, Oct, 2000.

Norman set up the stand in the morning, Mark & Norman attended in the evening. The object of this exercise was to raise the profile of Heritage & the Association, in the eyes of MK Council. One councillor Janet Irons, rose to this challenge. She spoke at some length (in the words of Roger Drage) vaccuus waffle. Janet is a politician & summed up the proceedings, in my belief, with the words. "You dedicated volunteers are doing a grand job, so why change the system". They would not want to allocate money to such a dedicated band of workers. But the Forum was great success as far as we were concerned. The MK council had to agree that 13p per capita is pretty poor when compared with a town like Luton, who spend over £6-00 per head.

New material,

The files loaned from John Cook & David Byrne have now been copied, a mammoth task, thanks again to Alan & Ann B. These cover SHEFCO, (Sherington feast etc.) SHARC & YARA, (Sherington Airport Resistance Campaign, & Yardley Airport Resistance Campaign) Feasts, Sports Pav. Project, various Maydays, inter-village, ‘It’s a Knockout@, & various other activities, spanning 1970 – 2000.

School Photos etc.

3 more school group photos have been obtained 1984 & 1985 & 1950

Claire Hicks,

A set of old photos of the Joyce & West families have been promised by Clare, all old Sherington folk.

Time line,

Sheila Line is to keep a book for this project, to include any Sherington event, the success of this is down to you all. If you get a snippet of information about anything, do not keep it to yourself, write it down, with the date, & give to Sheila.


A way of using our surplus photos will be to create a montage of pictures, behind glass. A large modern type frameless poster display glass & hardboard sort of creation, Say, 2ft X 3ft, for our shows.... A way of copying large deeds, as loaned by the White Hart & Crown & Castle has to be found, Maybe the records office can help..... A meeting is to be arranged between Norman, John Parry, & John Cook to exchange info. on the proposed Sherington millennium CD Rom.... Thoughts are on a Sherington calendar for 2002. & maybe some pens & bookmark type things marked with SHS logo.... Barry Hollis (new member) has donated a synopsis of Parish Council minutes on paper & on disc, 1895 - 2000.... Scan, we still need early copies, Mrs Ellis from Hill View has just donated 9 years worth, this filled some gaps. ....The school clutch club has also to be explored, we would like to know more about their project, for mutual self help. The CLUTCH club, a government initiative, to promote school children’s and parents awareness on Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History,.... The children’s newspaper from the school 1957-8 has now been transcribed, & could form the basis for another booklet.

The meeting closed at 10 PM, thanks to Anita & Kay for providing the coffees & teas.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 8th of November.


Norman attended a course on display techniques at Faulkner House, Bletchley Park, On Saturday, 14th October. This was an all day affair, but mainly directed at museums. Also for curators with large budgets. But nevertheless there were a number of points that we can use in our very limited budget exhibitions. The person that spoke at this course also ran his own publicity company & he then sub-contracted work out to specialist companies, screen printers, stencil cutters, printing companies, large photo reproducers, & so on. Which was altogether out of our league. But some of the info would be of use, size of text for various applications, type of font (print) to use. Colours & backgrounds not to use. To keep it all Legible from where the public stand.

What & what not to display & how. His 6 wise men, what, why & when, how, where & who, the essential data to display. Etc Etc.



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