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SHS Meeting Minutes 99


Notes from the Sherington Historical Society Committee Meeting No. 99


Present: Kay Turrell, Pearl Teasdale and Sheila Quinn.

Apologies: Mark Vale.

The minutes of Meeting 98 were read, approved and signed by KT.

Matters Arising:

Newport Pagnell Historical Society walk around Sherington: NPHS have asked for the walk to take place on the 21st July. Philip Smith has agreed to conduct the walk. Avril Atkinson is to give PT a contact ‘phone number.

December Newsletter:
Unfortunately, MV has not been able to transcribe the December Newsletter into its new newspaper format. SAQ has amended it to read as a January newsletter and it will be emailed, delivered or posted to members ASAP. Caroline Leslie will be asked if she can deliver to members in the village who are not “on line”.

January Jolly:
22 members have put their names and choices of menu on the list. SAQ will deliver a copy of the menu to Yew Tree Farm and also send one with a covering letter to Alice Gardner.

February Meeting:
“Tribute Evening to Peter Gardner” Posters will be needed – SAQ to email MV (in Holland for 1 week) to see if he will be able to produce a poster. If not, KT will look on the office computer for a poster that can be amended. Usual format of 8pm start, raffle and refreshments.

February SCAN:
Poster for February Peter Gardner evening. KT suggested that we write a short biography of Peter Gardner. PT commented that we would need permission from Alice Gardner.

Joyce Tranter has informed KT that she probably has all the back numbers of SCAN and will let us have them. We can fill in our gaps and pass the remainder to North Crawley History group.

E-mails: SAQ reported that we received another email regarding Paul Mann, which she has forwarded to Julia Wilson. Another email has been received from a Howard Mathieson, who could possibly live in Canada, regarding Enclosure Maps on our site. SAQ forwarded the email to Ian Collinge, who is now corresponding with Mr. Mathieson, who has stated that during the next few weeks he will send Ian several Sherington maps that he has geo-coded in GE format. (now you can all see why SAQ forwarded the original email to Ian!)

AOB: Tony Pilcher (Wake up to Partnership) offered the Society some notice boards, which KT has accepted. He suggested that we make a donation to WUTP. PT queried if we have paid our membership of WUTP for the current year.



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