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Dear Members.

Another year has gone by, so a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. We will be soon into our Society's third year & it's success is down to you all having the enthusiasm to keep it going. Sherington says thank you.

This is going to be a short newsletter, as there is not a lot that has happened over the December period.

Christmas Party. Our Christmas party was a lovely prelude to the festive season. Although some members were unable to attend, the rest of us had a very good evening, it was a time to be able to relax & quietly talk about things Sherington. We had the archives spread around & as usual so there was no shortage of things to discuss.

There was no shortage of good things to eat & drink, thanks to the ladies of the Society, & Pat managed to keep everyone's glass well topped up, there was food left over so we did well in that department.

We had a good few pictures from our Sherington artists, namely, A.J.Crump, Martin Williams, John Kitchen & Caroline Lesley. Thank you to Ella who bought along some of her family memorabilia that we had not seen before. A really good pencil sketch of Church Farm by Crump, an interesting study of the farm early in the 20 Century.

Yew Tree Farm. I have had some interesting talks with the owners of Yew Tree Farm & they have kindly loaned us some family photos, that have been duly copied onto CDs.

Incidentally we now have something like 600 entries on discs, probably 250 of these are old & not quite so old photos of Sherington views & people. We have well over 1,000 photos on film, most of these are modern. But quite a few are negative/film copies of old postcards & other old pictures. Mark has also topped the 500 page mark with the Sherington web-site.

Log Books. Two volumes of the Log Books are now finished, indexed & bound into volumes. Volume three has been started & David Coe has volunteered to do some of this volume during his leisure time in 2003. Thank you.

Enclosure Documents. The Enclosure documents that we now have on CDs….. Colin Davies has transcribed 6 of these for us & also provided us with A3 size copies of the original parchments. He also has given us floppies of the transcriptions, also I dared to ask if he would like to do more & he has promised to do his best for us. Thank you Colin. Also Mark is working on producing an A3 copy of the 1796 enclosure map. We have to thank MK Museum for the scanning of all of the Edith Lucas pictures & now all of the Enclosure documents, this will be a tremendous benefit the village in the future. Besides being at no cost to the village & little cost to ourselves.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th January 2003 At 8 pm. in the Village Hall.



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