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Dear Members,

We have received a photograph album from David Mackay, who lives at Carter's Barn and is the unofficial Sherington event photographer, covering the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations. Also an album from Doris Stephens with photographs and articles tracing the restoration and repair work carried out to St. Lauds from 1960 to the present day.

Thank you letters have been sent to both of them.

Norman has received a second telephone call from Herr Frederick Niebel, who you will remember was a prisoner of war in the Sherington camp. Herr Niebel hopes to be in England early in May and further hopes to visit Sherington on the 9th, 10th or 11th May. The 11th, it will coincide with Philip’s Bygones Evening to which he will be invited. Norman will take him to lunch if he does visit Sherington.

Ian Collinge sent Norman a long email regarding the SHS Website and has made approximately 12 suggested additions and alterations. Following a recent telephone conversation it was also suggested that our forthcoming events etc. be posted on the other Sherington web-site with links to our own. NA has advised him to go ahead

MK Museum has sent a Summer Timetable of Events. This is available for members to see if requested.

Norman has produced 20 sets of four, of the Edith Lucas notelets. 10 packs are with Pam & Alan Simms in the village shop and are on sale for £2.95; some have already been sold, 95p to be retained by the shop. NA suggested that members pay £2.00 but after a short discussion it was decided that we pay the full price – regardless of whether we purchase them from the Society or from the shop. They do look rather good.

Caroline Ellis of Emberton has given us a book about the Mynard & Meakins families written by Ronald Meakins. Strictly speaking not an 'About Sherington book', but both families have been and are represented in the village. A letter of thanks has been sent to Caroline.

Mark reported that our website received 5,500 "hits" last month, placing us 6th out of 24 in the MKHA league table. This means we have dropped down the table a little but are still in a very good position.

Donald MacFarlane gave the April meeting a short talk, illustrated by photographs, on Well Dressing in the village where he lived in Derbyshire before coming to Sherington.

Philip has received another Crump painting and another Edith Lucas painting! Both are of St. Lauds west window He also had a large black and white photograph taken by Ernie Rickett also of St. Lauds west widow. We now have copies of them all in our files.

Your subs are now past due and this will be your last newsletter, if you decide not to renew your subscription SHS. But if there is a grumbly reason you do not wish to rejoin, please tell or we may never be able to rectify matters.

Thanks to Anita and Enid for providing the tea, coffee and biscuits.

The Next meeting will be a Philip Smith Bygones Evening, with slides and entertainment of the usual robust nature. This will be at 7-30 for 8pm on the 11th of May. Then of course after that on the 26th June will be our open day, when Enid will hope to have the finished Millennium wall hanging on display along with some history of its production.


Any comments or contributions will be gratefully received, this is YOUR newsletter


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