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Dear Members,

I trust you all had a good Summer recess. Our next function will be Peter Gardner's film show. I hope it will be a showing of "The Hanslope Murder" with full supporting 'B' films. (Also Philip may move among you with chocolates and ice cream Ha! Ha!) For those of you who don't know about this, it is the latest epic to roll from the Gardner studios with full Sherington cast. So watch out for your favourite star. Entry is free for members and a 1-00 for all adults and 50p for children. There will be the obligatory raffle and also tea and biscuits included, so a few volunteers please. The date for this show October 12th at 8pm.

We have received a newsletter from MKHA updating us on their years programme and sending me a free ticket, if any member would like this or news about the Christmas functions at the museum, please talk to me .

Mark is working hard on copying Phyllis Walton's book "A Walk Around Sherington". We hope to re-publish this in the future, probably in A4 size and in a wire or plastic comb binding. Being that this second edition will have a limited market, professional binding in such small numbers would make this a prohibitive price, so we will probably have to do this in house (to use a modern expression) D.I.Y. I might add that this is with Phyllis's full approval. Also this second edition will incorporate some additions, such as a name index and the corrections that the printers of the original book forgot. Maybe some colour plates as well. As you will all know , Phyllis has passed on to the SHS all of her original manuscripts, this includes all of the original manuscripts from the Sherington subscribers. Now all together locked in a steel cabinet.

The members thought that it might be good idea to sell our Christmas cards and notelets and also copies of our booklets at the Sherington Christmas Bazaar, this year. Held on Friday 26th November. Any volunteers to man the table? Should be an entertaining evening for some one. While on this subject we could do with a couple of extra volunteers to sell raffle tickets at CMK on the morning of Tuesday 30th November at CMK 9am until 1pm, you don't have to do the whole shift, and also asking members to sell a few tickets to their friends, it is a good charity as I can vouch for, they helped to set up the Sherington Bowls club many years ago.

The refurbishment of our local Pub/Inn, the Swan is just about completed, the outside has only altered as much as local planning would allow, the picket fence that was there before the 1960s has returned, although it used to be white and stretch right along to Ash Cottage. It is probably as close to how it looked originally as it can be now. The top floor was also removed and the roof lowered in the early 1960s. Sheila has undertaken to pull all the photos and documents together on this project.

We sadly have to say goodbye to two of our very reliable members, Don and Irene are moving off to the south coast to take up residence there as soon as possible. We wish you both a long and happy second retirement.. Come and see us when it is convenient.

We have had E-mails and a letter from a lady in Merseyside, requesting a copy of our murder booklet. She is distantly related to the Boon family, he who was cruelly done to death by the Sharp man.

Also a very sentimental E-mail from Malcom Skerman a pupil under Clarles and Doris Stephens in the 60s. and who now lives in Cannock, Staffordshire, a young man from a very deprived background, and who has made good. The letters are in the files.

Ian Collinge has successfully updated the new church tour on the web-site, and is now attempting to finish off several of the projects that Mark so ably started when we first got the web-site off the ground three years ago. We do anticipate up-dating the tour around the village, it would be interesting if you could discuss the web-site with your friends and see if they think that we have any shortcomings as regards the village, things we should include or even exclude things that are included. Everyone must have different views of Sherington that they would like to see incorporated on the web.

SHS has been able to buy on E-bay, the on-line auction programme, a copy of an aerial photo of Sherington church and top of the village, taken C1955. One of the best pictures we have, now we have a copy of our own.

The Next meeting will be Peter Gardners' film show on the 12th October at 8 pm.



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