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Dear Members,

Those present at the June meeting were Norman, Pearl, lan, Eileen, Jess and Sheila, Anita, Caroline, Philip and Kay

Apologies: Sheila Q, Mark, Ted and Enid

Norman opened the meeting by telling the members that Fred Niebel visited Sherington 13th June. He had spent time talking to Norman and had lunch with Kay before returning to his B&B in Water Eaton. Fred had spent a night with the son of his old, late friend Hubert Brown. Hubert was in the British Army and was one of the POW guards at Shalstone where Fred was kept in his early captivity, and some time in Coventry with the wife of another old late friend. When you reach the age of eighty years most of your friends are LATE.

SHS had received two items in the post. One a C.1910 postcard view of Newport rd. in pristine condition. The other item was an auction sales catalogue for the sale of Far Farm, owned by the Field family, dated 1876. Cottage and pasture were for up for sale. The farm was located on the left hand side (west) as you come up the bypass from NP. Just the ruins can now be seen. The auction was held in the Swan at Newport. Philip filled in a bit more history by saying that a plank bridge had to be crossed to get over the river close by. The land was later owned by the Fountainnes then Jonas Paxton. Both items were brought on E-bay by Normanís daughter-in-law, the PC cost under £5 and the sales catalogue cost £12 +pp.

Norman told the members about the articles of 'rubbish' tins, mice & rat poison, broken bottles, medicine bottles, a piece of knife sharpening stone etc. etc. that had been found at 2 School Lane. Mr Heggy had informed Norman, supplying photos of the rooms where plasterboard had been removed to reveal stone walls and wooden battens. These went from ground floor to attic height. It was thought that the articles and straw must have fallen or been dropped down the gaps over the years. Possibly by the children of the house, Griggs, or even evacuees that were billeted there during the war. Norman said it would make a nice display on our open day on October 1st.

A visit to Wake up to Partnership by Norman and Kay resulted in the purchase of 10 duvet covers suitable for covering the stalls at the Fete and on our open days, to cover up the bare wooden trestles and to make all the tables of a uniform colour. The 10 covers cost £5-00 and can be used time and time again and less than a roll of banqueting paper, that cannot be used again

The Fete was discussed Jesse and his son-in-law had agreed to help Norman to transport items from the village hall to the Manor grounds on fete day, for setting up. Other members will help through out the afternoon. All of the 10 display screens had been set out by Kay and Norman. Jess, Gail and Mark offered to set out abridged family trees of their own families.

Norman had a long correspondence by E-mail, with Sue Purcell, she arranged a visit along with her cousin from France, (an Austin) and by taking them to visit Philip, Sue Purcell (nee? Austin) and David Austin acquired a lot more family knowledge. With the help of Philip and a later trip to Brickhill and the records office the following day, they went away with some very positive leads about Austins in Sherington. Also they found they are related to the Mynard family who lived in Park Road. Sue also supplied us with evidence that an Austin had been buried at the Quaker burial ground in Water Lane. We need to find out exactly where this area is. Colin Davis believes that it would be right at the top of his property, that is the most northerly point. This was substantiated by a member who also remembers that the top end of Colinís garden had always been left to grow wild when the rest was a meadow..

Cannon Margaret Sedgwick, from Coventry Cathedral, visited Sherington on a Sunday in May. Norman told the members that it raised the question about making enquiries about various families more easily accessible. We do get E mails relating to family names these supply , in some cases, a lot of family information and it would be expedient if we could access this data more easily than at present, so all this should be filed in separate family named folders. This was not anticipated when the society was formed, so it will be a slight change in policy.

Norman told the members of his recent visit to a scarecrow convention in Devon. The idea of making this much more of an event was suggested. This village used signs at a distance to encourage people to visit And maybe using their idea of making up a quiz relating to the scarecrows. This will be discussed more fully prior to next years Scarecrow competition, with Philip. We would in no way wish to distance ourselves from the Sherington Fete, on the alternate years.

lan Collinge spoke to the members about the research he has been doing. He has paid for and copied the page in the Doomsday book were Sherington (SERINTONE) is mentioned. His work on the web site has resulted in there being 540 pages with 400 photos. New addition include the POW page, the village tour has been updated with information on Park road and the aerial photos have an interactive element. lan told the members that during his visit to New Zealand whilst in a launderette he encountered 'surf ' as you wash. He was able to log onto our web site and get up to date information about the Sherington. Fete on and get his washing clean!!!!!

Philip added a bit more info at the end of of the meeting of some interest:-
That, Jack Ivester Lloyd was the Writer
And, Tom Ivester Lloyd was the Painter
There was a sale at Sotheby's of 8 Ivester pictures, Philip was able to give the auctioneer some information and background history about the Ivester Lloyds. Sotheby's have a file on Ivester-Lloyd.
Philip promised to show 8 postcards of the painting that were in the sale. There is painting of Doggy Robertson, a scene of woods and greyhounds in oils.. This is quite an unusual painting for Tom as he painted in watercolours rather than oils

In 1915 red roof tiles needed replacing on part of the church and an oil painting was raffled ( the 5 greyhounds led by a man). A Miss Jordan who then lived in Pearcy cottage won the raffle, she passed it on to Ben Line who hung it up. but it fell onto a tea pot which made a hole in the painting. The painting was repaired and then given to Philip. Who has it hanging in his living room, you can still see the scar from the teapot spout. We have an archive file on the Lloyds in the artists book, but there are many more copies of paintings to acquire, so a lot of work to be done on that family.

Our next meeting will be the Stagger Around Sherington, this will be guided tour of the several pubs in Sherington, (with a pause at each), closed and open, by Philip. Who will have some facts and anecdotes for you to listen to. So bring a glass or container with you as it will prove thirsty work. We will start at 7-30 pm. On 12th July. in the village hall car park and finish in the village hall for more refreshment at about 8-30 pm. Possibly to re-charge your glasses. If it rains on that evening it will then be an evening in the village hall as usual, but no doubt the same words will be spoken and the same refreshments served.

Ian reported that we had moved up in the Web-site hits parade to second with 11,600 hits. Second only to the Cowper and Newton site from Olney. We will keep on trying to make our way to the top of the Hits Parade, but it will be a tall order to knock William Cowper off his perch.

The Meeting closed at 9.15 pm. Then refreshments were served by Anita & Kay.


Stop Press.

The fete as far SHS was concerned, was a huge success, Thanks to all who manned the stand and contributed to the smooth running of the day, before and after the event. It could not be done without you. The Scarecrows were magnificent. The Quiz was a fiasco compared only to our 2004 Calendar event, but even worse. About 35 quiz sheets sold out of the 836 copies that Mark printed and ONLY ONE RETURNED. But more on the fete next month.


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