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Present: Norman, Anita, Pearl, Kay, Eileen, Enid, Sheila & Jesse Line, Mark & Ella

Apologies: Philip, Caroline, Ted & Sheila Q

Norman opened the meeting by announcing the results of the Fete quiz. Mr Alan Paul was the outright winner. Around 35 quiz sheets were purchased, which was a bit disappointing, but only one returned, which was even more disappointing. We have requested the unsold ones back together with copies of both designs of the Fete programme. A prize of a family ticket to Station ‘X’ (Bletchely Park) was given to Alan (he worked there for 15 years as a GPO. Employee). The children’s prize was family ticket to ‘Gulliver’s Land MK. Betty Feasey was given a bottle of wine for her scarecrow. The society took £80.60 on the day from sales of notelets, booklets etc.

Norman had received a letter of thanks and a feedback form from the fete committee The feedback form had been returned to the fete committee and the letter of thanks was circulated.

Norman went on to show the members a copy of the certificates that were given to all of the children and some adults that took part in the scarecrow competition. Each certificate was presented in an A5 frame and was well received. ( these were purchased from Willen Hospice warehouse, via Philip).

Rita Hammond (nee Groom) spoke to Norman at length at the fete, she was evacuated to Sherington in 1939 and stayed the whole war as an evacuee with Mrs Borton, who became a second Mum to her. Rita sent a B/w copy of a certificate (with the promise of a coloured copy) which had been sent to Mrs Borton by the Queen’s mother signed Elizabeth R. 1939. It thanked her for her efforts during the difficult times in the war.

Photos from Philip were circulated for members to view, of the paintings by Tom Ivester Lloyd that were put up for sale at Sotherbys, with an estimated price and a written description in the most decorative hand by????????. These will be copied and placed in the artists file. Philip had also given to Norman some information about the bells at St Lauds. Dates of when they were cast and the inscriptions on each. Mark had brought along photos taken at Stockwood Park Museum, showing the dioramas and pictures by Tom Lloyd that are on show there.

The members sat and folded 400 copies of the results of the Scarecrow and quiz results for the August “Meantime”. These will be delivered to Sherington households during August. Our grateful thanks to Mark (and his Boss) for this amount of copying.

Norman went on to ask the members for suggestions for a Theme for the displays on the October 1st open day. The suggestions that it would be FARMS, was adopted. Families that ran the farms, Ella’s family names, Yew Tree Farm, Church Farm etc. etc.. All were mentioned as suggestions. Leading on to other trades within the village. Any information that you have on who worked where, will be most gratefully received as we have very little information/history at this time and October will be here before we know it. There have been at least 13 farms in Sherington in the last 100 years and were probably the biggest employers in their day so there must be a lot of stories out there.

My apologies for the postponement of “The Stagger round Sherington”. But it seemed expedient at the time. Three of our regular members were committed to this from a long way back, including Philip, who generously offered to put SHS first, but it was decided to just to postpone the Stagger, till September. As it turned out the three members had good sing and we had a good meeting. With me not waffling on too long. The ‘Stagger’ will be in place of our September meeting. We propose to meet in the village hall car park at 7-30 pm. Then to return to the village hall before 9 pm. Ready for some MORE refreshment and to consider the evenings entertainment. Don’t forget to bring your glass/pot/cup/receptacle with you.

The web site stats for June show that we are maintaining our second position in the league tables 12,799 hits, which is about our average. Still less than 2,000 behind Olney, but nearly 2,000 above the next site, Hanslope.

Refreshments were served, our grateful thanks to Anita, Kay and Enid, the meeting closed at 10 pm.


Stop Press.

At the school leavers ceremony, at Sherington School, Betty Feasey was presented with her ‘Scarecrow’ trophy on Thursday 21st, July,, being the outright winner of this 2005 event. The trophy will be a perpetual one and will have a brass engraved plaque attached ready for next year. To put it mildly Betty was GOB SMACKED. But she has promised to give the ‘Ram’s Horn Trophy’ a place of honour in her home.


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