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Dear Members,

We had two visitors and 12 members to the May meeting, Mrs E Turrell and Mrs Diana Morgan, welcome to both. Diana does fully intend to join as a member.

The visit to the Well & Tower Society, was a superb Public Relations exercise, between ourselves and Emberton. They did lay on a very nice evening, There were several items that your committee and the members who attended were impressed by. One was a layout of their village, consisting of a piece of board with the road layout painted upon it, each buildings had a numbered space, and was removable to be stored in a box. This made the whole village so easily storable. Secondly their village magazine had been professionally bound into matching volumes. Thirdly their storage room although the floor space was not much larger than ours had vertical walls, so that their storage space was so much higher. Also being that their society had been in existence so much longer than ours and the volume of archive material was so much greater they were able to have their spine labelling very much more detailed. One other thing that impressed us was the enthusiasm that the members were putting into their research. And never to be forgotten was the sketch put on by Andy and Edward, defies description. Their archive room part of the new extension to their sports pavilion, was largely the result of one lady, Rosemary Towers, I feel we need to enlist the aid of this very capable lady when and if we get to the fundraising stage. Altogether a very interesting evening.

Don’t forget the scarecrow workshop on the Knoll on the 3rd of June along with Helen’s plant sale. And to get your scary crows ready for viewing on the week of the open gardens and flower festival.

We have now obtained a photocopy of the whole of the Register of Admissions to the school. From 1925 to date. These are in the process of being copied onto our PC. With something like over 1,000 names and all their details this is going to be quite a mammoth task, Sheila Quinn newly out of hospital has offered to do some of the work as and when she is able. But it will get done. Already some very interesting facts have been brought to light from the information stored in this book.

May Day was a brilliant success. Because of the weather. It almost did not take place, but at 10 am it was just not raining, Kay and I took all of our notelets cards and pictures with a trestle table and table cloth, picked our site right next to the pump, and with Sheila, Pearl and I as sales persons did a roaring trade, we sold £65 worth of goods. Also we were given a superb disc of photos of the May Day event by Mrs Angelika Braid, well over 100 pictures of the Maypole and Fun Run. Thank you for that Angelika.

The sorting of archives is still going on, Gail has finished the seven volumes of Village Affairs, these have been put into a rough date order with Volume one as the earliest. This is the way we will organise the rest of the archives with volume one always covering the earliest dates. This is not to be an exact science as most of the early information being gathered at a later time, not always having the date written on it. A bit guess-timation.

I was able to purchase two Rushden and Sherington Oldham bottles at Finmere market, recently. We now have quite a collection of these for sale, the latest pair still had their rubber seals intact and were dug up at Gt Linford within the last five years.

We recently had an E-mail enquiry about a local area called “Logstream”. If anyone has any clues to this place, would they please get in touch, it could be anywhere between here and North Crawley, I think.

The Daily Mail are issuing tokens for Aerial Photos, if anyone has the Mail and will not use the tokens could they save them for the society please

The next meeting will be a general meeting at the Village Hall at 8 pm on the 13th June, but will be the last before the scarecrow event. So we will need to discuss this and the flower festival in the church.

N.A. & K.T.


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