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Education and School Matters

Technical Education

At the inception of the Council it was agreed to have a "Technical Education Committee". The purposes of this committee were not recorded. The names of the members are also not in the record until July 1901 when they were: D Harding, G Watts, F Collett, I Slayter, A Coleman (Parochial Church Council) Mrs Lucas, Miss Lucas, Miss Tomkins, G E Line and J Feasey.

This is the first time that ladies were mentioned in the minutes as having taken any part in the proceedings of the Council.

As indicated the role of the Committee was not defined, and it is of interest that in March 1905 the Council decided to send the following resolution to Bucks. County Council "We the Parish Council for the parish of Sherington are given to understand that your Education Committee are arranging to erect a building at Newport Pagnell for the teaching of cookery, to include Sherington with other places. We on our part wish to respectfully protest against the above scheme being carried out, as we consider it both expensive and unnecessary, and as we suppose this Parish will be asked to contribute towards the cost and maintenance of the same, think, that as the rates at the present time are exceedingly high no fresh burden should be placed upon them."

In April 1919 the County Council requested that a Higher Education Committee be formed. This was done with Messrs H W Green, L Moore and C Sharpe as members. Nothing is written about their deliberations but in April 1928 the Council were asked to send representatives to the local Higher Education Committee and it then decided " not to appoint representatives... as it is felt that there would not be sufficient students to warrant the expense" This was the same response as in 1901, which was still being rehearsed when next the Council were approached, in 1931. There was a subtle change in stance in 1934 when the minutes said that there was no need for Higher Education to be available in the village.

School Matters

In September 1902 Frank Collett, the Headmaster (and Councillor from May 1900 to January 1902) resigned his post. The Council were fulsome in their praise recording in September 1902 that "..he had given valuable services in the nine years. The school was in a deplorable state when he first came to the village but got to earn the highest possible grants through his able teaching, one of his scholars in 1898 gaining the County Scholarship..." It is evident from this comment that Mr Collett went to the school just before or when it was rebuilt in 1893.

On 20th July 1903 Bucks County Council authorised the appointment, under the Education Act 1902, of a school manager to represent the "minor authority" otherwise known as the Parish Council, and another to be the same for the Buckinghamshire Education Committee.

The representative chosen have been:

From		To		School Manager		Bucks CC Representative
20.07.1903	15.04.1904	George Simco Oldham	D Harding
15.04.1904	13.05.1907	G S Oldham		E J Jefferson*
13.05.1907	17.04.1913	J Slayter		E J Jefferson
17.04.1913	23.02.1921	J Slayter		G. J.Hine
23.02.1921	19.04.1922	L.J.Moore		G.J. Hine
19.04.1922	08.02.1926	G.J.Hine		Henry Coleman
08.02.1926	20.04.1928	Harry Coleman		G.J.Hine
20.04.1928	15.04.1931	J.B.Jones		G.J.Hine
15.04.1931	17.04.1934	Charles Nursaw**	G.J.Hine
17.04.1934	02.03.1945	G J Hine	
02.03.1945			G J Hine
30.08.1949	12.08.1952	G T Burgess
				School Managers (2)	
12.08.1952			G T Burgess: C G Wise	
24.06.1959	23.01.1961	F G Goodman: G G Wise	
23.01.1961	24.05.1965	F G Goodman; Rev Sparling	
24.05.1965	24.04.1975	C D Smith; D Cheeseman	
24.04.1975			J. Cook; D Cheeseman

In 1975 the Council was requested to supply a governor for Cedars School. Mr Cook was elected.

* There was a contest for this post between Mr Jefferson and Mr Cheeseman. Mr Cheeseman was not elected. It would be unfair to state that he was not elected because he was not on the Parish Council but the inference has to be drawn.

** When Mr Nursaw's name was submitted to the County they replied that they would note it but stated that "up to the present Mr Alfred Joyce of Chicheley had been the County Council's representative" It makes one wonder what notice the other member representing the Parish had taken of proceedings.

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