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Parish Council Chairmen

The following have held this post:

Name				From		To		Notes
Mr Wellesley Taylor		05.01.1895	15.04.1896	* He was also District Councillor
W J Hickson			16.04.1896	16.04.1900	
F Collett			17.04.1900	24.09.1902	Co-opted into post !
W J Hickson			25.09.1902	17.04.1913	**
F J Field			17.04.1913	16.04.1925	
G.J.Hine			08.02.1926	17.04.1934	***
F. A. Hickson			17.04.1934	24.04.1941	
T.Goodman			24.04.1941	xx.04.1947	
J. T Burgess			xx.04.1947	28.05.1952	
G W Fleet			28.05.1952	31.05.1954	
A.G.Hickson			31.05.1954	26.05.1955	
Lt. Col. N. B.C.Byam-Grounds	26.05.1955	26.09.1956	Died between May & September '56
A G Hickson			26.09.1956	24.06.1959	
Rev H Sparling			24.06.1959	14.03.1966	
G.W.Fleet			14.03.1966	24.05.1967	
Denis Cheeseman			24.05.1967	21.05.1969	
J. W Cook			21.05.1969	01.06.1970	
Denis Cheeseman			01.06.1970	24.05.1971	
C.H.Smith			24.05.1971	24.05.1972	
E E Moore			24.05.1972	24.04.1975	
D Cheeseman			24.04.1975	20.05.1976	
D Ferris			20.05.1976	31.03.1977	

* There was a contest for the position of first Chairman between Mr Wellesley Taylor and Mr H Coleman. Whether it was necessary for the Chairman to be a Councillor or not is not known but Mr Coleman's name did not subsequently appear in the minutes.

** At the end of the 1909/10 year "Mr Petts proposed and Mr Field seconded a unanimous vote of thanks to Mr Hickson for his long continued valuable services as Chairman to the Council; the same to be entered in the minutes of the Council". This would have been when Mr Hickson declared that he was not seeking re-election to the Council at the forthcoming elections. It was not long however before Mr Hickson was back in the chair for at the first meeting after the elections it was "Upon the proposition of Mr Petts seconded by Mr Field that Mr W T Hickson was elected Co-opting Chairman".

When Mr Gough was dismissed for non-attendance on 27th February 1911 Mr Hickson was elected to fill the vacancy. Mr Hickson served until the end of the 1912/13 year when he resigned because of ill health. He died in early 1914.

*** There was a gap between 16th April 1925 and 8th February 1926 as after the elections of that year Mr Field was not re-elected to the Council. He was however co-opted, subject to acceptance, by the Council as Chairman. Mr Field did not accept the co-option and it was not until two meetings later in February 1926 that this was reported to the Council and Mr G.J.Hine moved from being Vice-Chairman.

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