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Items in the minutes give a slight insight into the happenings of the village. Some matters are clear cut, other not so, such as a case very early on in the life of the Council shows. On 5th April 1895, at only its fourth meeting, it was recorded that Mr F Collett (later to be a Chairman of the council) had sent a letter which the Council thought to be "offensive and uncalled for" and upon which they voted to demand an apology. The meeting six days later noted that a letter sent to the Clerk and quoted at the meeting was accepted as "an ample apology". Unfortunately there is nothing to say what all the rumpus was about.

Queen Victoria died in January 1901 after a long and gracious reign. The nation mourned and the Parish Council felt that it should write to King Edward VII a letter of condolence upon the death of his mother. On the 16th April 1901 a reply was received from the King and it was decided that it should "be framed and placed in the room where the meetings are wont to be held". The cost of framing was 3/8d. It would be interesting to know where this letter eventually went to.

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