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The Clerk to the Council is a very important position as it is the legal form of the Council to whom all communications should be addressed. The Clerk holds a salaried position which is perhaps why at the inception of the Council there was some competition for the job. The first Clerk was Mr D Feasey, who beat I Jefferson by 4 votes to 3. It is interesting to note that the latter was proposed by Councillor E J Jefferson. The Council set the salary of the Clerk at 2.10.0 per annum. Three years later however (15th April 1898) he was asked to accept less than 2.10.0 p.a. and the sum of 1.10.0 p.a. was suggested. The Clerk refused to accept a reduction and immediately resigned.

Thirteen days later the Council had received four applications for the position. They voted as follows:

G. Hine			1 vote
F Collett		0 votes
C Puzey			not voted upon
J Feasey		3 votes

J Feasey, a relative of the previous Clerk, was therefore given the post at a salary of 1.10.0 p.a., which two years later, on 31st March 1901 was increased to 2.00.0 p.a.

The Clerks to the Council have been:

Name			From		To		Notes
D Feasey		05.01.1895	15.04.1898	Resigned over pay
J Feasey		28.04.1898	17.04.1913	1
E Stapleton		17.04.1913	30.09.1914	2
A E G Bennett		30.09.1914	16.11.1916	3
George Holman		16.11.1916	17.03.1919	Until return of A Bennett
A E G Bennett		17.03.1919	31.03.1927	4
S A Nicholson		01.04.1927	21.03.1949	5
Mrs E.K.Nicholls	21.03.1949	31.03.1972	6, 7, 8
G Smith	31.03.1972	31.03.1977			9

1. The post became that of Clerk and Assistant Overseer with the District Council virtually saying who should be the Clerk

2. Mr Stapleton was appointed to the RDC and had to resign as he could not be in a paid position with a local authority at the same time.

3. Mr Bennett had joined His Majesty's Forces.

4. The "Rating & Valuation Act 1925" was to be enacted on 31st March 1928, when the second role of the Clerk as Assistant Overseer finished. Mr Bennett therefore decided to relinquish the post and the Council noted that they would "take steps with a view to coming to a decision as to filling the vacancy." Mr S A Nicholson, of Newport Pagnell, was appointed with effect from 1st April 1927.

5. Mr Nicholson was most probably a clerk in a firm of solicitors for the minute book during his term of office is written in a very fair copperplate hand. His salary was 5.00.0 per annum. His beautifully written minutes record the life of the village over 23 years.

6. The appointment of Mrs Nicholls was approved subject to Mr Goodman assisting her. In view of the increased number of councillors Mrs Nicholl's salary was raised to 10.00.0 per annum with effect from 10th March 1958

7. Mrs Nicholls resigned with effect from 1st April 1972. The clerks salary was increased to 30 as from that date!

8. The Council in appreciation of Mrs Nicholl's service presented a dinner service as a parting gift.

9. Salary increased to 75 p a with effect from 01.04.1975

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