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The Church and Church End

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St Laud's Church, The only church dedicated to this saint in the United Kingdom. For more information about Saint Laud and the Church click on the above link.

Saint Laud's Church circa 1930's
Church Farm c.2000

Church Farm, the site of one of the manor houses that has been in existence since the 1600's. It may even be the same building.

There is a reference to ‘The Great House’ in Church End in the will of George Rose, dated 1796. But this has yet to be verified as the same property. It was also in the ownership of The Chester and the Field family during its history.

Cross Albans House. Halcyon Hine, who moved into it from new, named the house after the hill at the top (north) end of the village. Dorothy Harding, a long time resident of Sherington, has also lived there.

The Lych Gate leading into the Church yard was restored in 1990 in her memory. The house has been re-named to Willow House

Willow House / Cross Albans House
The Brew House

The Brew House was previously called The Royal Oak. It was run by the Line family for a number of years. It has now been converted to a private dwelling. At the time there was a planning dispute on this property in the late 1980s and it laid as an uncompleted restoration for some years.

Calgary House got its name from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. We believe that the story behind this is that new owners of the property were looking for a suitable name for their new house and their son had just emigrated to Calgary and the name stuck. So ever since the house has been called Calgary House.

Calgary House
May Cottage

May Cottage. This thatched cottage stands on the corner of Church End and Church Road next to Calgary House.

Sherington Place. A recently restored and extended grand house, in an extremely prominent position. At one time this house was one of five manors within the village.

This house was also the scene of a very tragic fire on Boxing Day in 1984 where two young boys perished.

Sherington Place

Then and Now: click on the photo to view full size, plus a reconstruction

Church End with Cyclists - date unknown

Archive photographs of Church End: click on the photo to view full size

Church End - date unknown Church End - date unknown

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