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The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak, now The Brew House

The Royal Oak in Church End, now The Brew House

Notes on the Brewhouse

The building was originally L-shaped: consisting of two houses (one a public alehouse), a cooper's and carpenter's shop, brewery and stables. The two houses were converted into one and the shop was demolished, but the old brewery cellar, under where it stood, still remains with the wall. The rear wall of the Brewhouse has been dated between 1650 and 1670.

The alehouse called 'The Royal Oak' closed in 1923. A beerhouse was recorded in the mid-1800's, whilst trades of brewing and barrel-making are noted in lease and mortgage documents going back to 1812.

1796 Enclosure Map shows the Royal Oak as No. 185
1796 Enclosure Map

Although not actually named as such, the 'Royal Oak' is shown on the 1796 Enclosure map as plot 185, a 'Cottage and Garden' owned by Thomas Platt.

The neighbouring plot 186, owned by William Field is described as 'House and Malthouse'.

1830 - 1939

Unlike the other village pubs, the Royal Oak is not mentioned by name in any of the trade directories published between 1830 and 1939. It is only mentioned explicitly in the 1861 and 1891 censuses, although there are references to a 'beer retailer' in Church End, which is presumed to be the Royal Oak, as the White Hart is listed separately. These sources enable the following list of the Royal Oak's publicans and their families over this period to be constructed.

PublicanDate (Data source)Notes
George Cripps1830 (Pigot) to
1854 (Post Office)
    1851 (Census)
1830 (Pigot): cooper, 1839 (Robson): beer retailer, 1844 (Pigot): cooper, 1847 (Kelly): beer retailer & shopkeeper
1851 (Census): George Cripps, cooper/beerhouse keeper, age 66, born Newport Pagnell
Wife: Hannah Cripps, age 51, born Wellingborough, Northants
Son: George Cripps, scholar, age 6, born Sherington
Mother in law: Hannah Glover, age73, wife of shoemaker, born Bozeat, Northants
Visitor: Richard Humphreys, age 45, Painter/Glazier, born Sherington
Visitor: Charles Hall, age 3, born Sherington
1853 (Musson): beer retailer and shopkeeper,1854 (Post Office): beer retailer & brewer
Richard Humphrey1861 (Census)
1864 (Post Office)
1861 (Census): (Royal Oak), Richard Humphrey, Painter, glazier and licensed, age 55, born Sherington
Hannah Cripps, boarder, widow, housekeeper, age 51, born Wellingborough, Northants
George Cripps, boarder, painter and glazier, age 16, born Sherington
1864 (Post Office): described as beer retailer
George Simco1869 (Kelly)Described as beer retailer. Appears to be the son of John Simco who was publican at the White Hart in the 1844 to 1854 period
Henry Hill1871 (Census)
1876 (Harrod)
Henry Hill, Publican and shoemaker, age 39, born Wotton, Beds
Wife: Eliza, Machinist, age 38, born Sherington
Niece: Annie Lack, scholar, age 8, born Kempston, Beds
William Clarke, age 19, apprentice shoemaker, born Emberton
William Mills, age 14, apprentice shoemaker, born Wotton, Beds
1876 (Harrod): described as beer retailer
Henry Hill later becomes the owner of the White Hart. He died in 1902 (St. Laud's headstone)
Samuel Putt1877 (Kelly)Described as beer retailer
Albert Umney1881 (Census)Albert Umney, publican, age 25, born Horwood, Bucks
Wife: Annie, age 23, born Newport Pagnell
Daughter: Edith, age 2, born Newport Pagnell
Elizabeth Norman, age 13, general servant (domestic), born Sherington
James Hine1883 (Kelly) to
1891 (Kelly)
1881 Census: In Church End, James, age 44, Farm labourer, wife Sarah, age 39 (lacemaker), Sons George James, 10 and Thomas Walter, 7, both scholars, all born Sherington
In 1883 and 1887 (Kelly), he is described as a beer retailer, and in 1891 as a beer retailer and farmer
1891 census: now recorded in Church Lane, James, age 53, farmer, wife Sarah, 49, Daughter Edith E., 24 (dressmaker), sons George J., 20 (coachmaker's apprentice) and Thomas W., 17 (carpenter's apprentice), all born Sherington
In 1895 and 1899 (Kelly) he is described as a farmer. In the 1901 census he is a retired farmer, age 64, living in the High St, with wife Sarah, age 59, and daughter Kate Emily, age 36 (dressmaker)
Son, George James, is a wheelwright near the Knoll
James died 1909, Sarah died 1921, Kate Emily died 1928 (all headstones in St Laud's)
George Sharman1891 (Census)
1895 (Kelly)
1891 Census (Royal Oak): George Sharman, publican, age 37, born in Turvey, Beds
Wife: Alice, publican, age 26, born Newton Abbot, Jersey
Daughter: Alice, scholar, age 4, born Kempston, Beds
Son: George, age 2, born Turvey, Beds
1895 (Kelly): beer retailer
In the 1899 Kelly directory they have moved to the Swan Inn
Frederick Line1899 (Kelly) to
1915 (Kelly)
    1901 (Census)
In the Kelly directories he is listed as a beer retailer, but in the 1901 census the only Frederick Line is a bricklayer in Church End
Frederick Line, bricklayer, age 36, born Sherington
Wife: Emily, age 33, born Law (?), Oxon
Daughters: Florence Emily L., age 10, and Norah Provis (?), age 3, both born Sherington
Sons: Frederick Herbert, age 9, and Richard Henry, age 1 month, both born Sherington
-1920 (Kelly) to
1939 (Kelly)
No reference

Note: there are some inconsistencies in the census data. At present, it is not known if some of these may just be transcription errors, due to difficulties in reading the handwriting, or if they were in the original.

Royal Oak Deeds
Royal Oak Deeds



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