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Interactive Google Map

Warning: Google has recently added more labels to its base map: non-clickable small white text indicating names of buildings. Unfortunately, many of these are in the wrong locations. Ignore them and use the markers instead.

Use the controls to zoom in/out, pan or switch between satellite and map views. The map can be dragged to re-centre it. Double-clicking the map will zoom in, centred on the selected point. Point at a marker to get a 'tool tip' identifying the marker. Click on a marker to get a pop-up box containing more information and a link to related website pages.

Use the menu on the left to show only a particular group of markers. The menu will expand to show a list of that group. Click an individual item to highlight the corresponding marker and see the pop-up information.

Streetview is activated by dragging the Pegman to the desired location. The markers within a certain distance will be visible. The pop-up information windows are activated using the menu whilst in Streetview, not by clicking on the marker itself. To exit Streetview and return to the map, click the white 'X' in the top right corner of the picture.

Zoom out to see the parish boundary and places lying outside the main built-up area.

For this map feature to work, Javascript must be enabled in your browser.


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