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Reconstructed Map for 1580 - South East

This map shows how the south east part of Sherington might have looked c.1300. It is not an actual old map, but a reconstruction by Professor Chibnall originally published as Map 3 in his book "Sherington: Fiefs and Fields of a Buckinghamshire Village".

Chibnall's reconstructed map for 1580 - South East

The distribution of land is given in the following tables: Open Fields - Demesne. This information is taken from Tables 49/50/51 and 47/48 of Chibnall's book, respectively. Note that there are a number of detailed discrepancies between the information on the map and that given in the tables.

Other maps:

Complete map of Sherington.

Larger scale maps of the other quadrants: North west, North east, South west.

In 1580, farming followed a 3-year cycle. The arable land was therefore divided into three fields: Marehill Field, Middle Field and Windmill Field. The division is shown on the Field map

Other dates: South east in 1300 - South east in 1796.


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