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1796 Enclosure Map - South East

This page shows the South East quadrant of the parish. The areas shaded green are the old common fields that were divided, enclosed and allocated to individual owners. Scroll down to see the list of plot owners.

1796 Enclosure Map
Plot No. New/Old Enclosure Owner Description
54 O Rev Samuel Greatheed (Hamiltons) Homestead and Close (Tenant: Robert King)
55 O William Warr Cottage and Garden
56 O Dryden Smith Sturmors Close
57 O Rev Samuel Greatheed (Hamiltons) Long Close, taken in Exchange of William Brooks
65 N Thomas Odell Allotment for his Own Tithes
66 N Church Wardens Allotment
67 N Governors of Queen Anne Hospital Allotment
68 N Thomas Odell Allotment for Land and Common Rights
74 O William Praed Esq, Long Ozier Bed
75 O Cropp Esq Mariotts Close
76 O Company of Mercers Millers Knob, taken in Exchange of C. Chester Esq.
77 N Company of Mercers Second Allotment in the Great Field
78 N Dryden Smith Second Allotment at Gooms hole
79 N William Brooks Third Allotment in Great Field
80 N Charles Chester Esq, Allotment for his Own Tithes
81 N Charles Chester Esq, First Allotment for his share of the Residue Tithes
82 N Rev Samuel Greatheed (Lifehold) Allotment for Land and Common Rights (Tenant: Thomas Rogers)
83 N Rev Samuel Greatheed (Lifehold) Allotment for his Own Tithes (Tenant: Thomas Rogers)
84 N William Brooks Second Allotment in Moors Pieces
85 N Thomas Battams Second Allotment on Burnt Hill
86 N Dryden Smith First Allotment at Townsend furlong
87 N Company of Mercers First Allotment in Townsend furlong
88 O Dryden Smith Home Close
89 O Dryden Smith Homestead and Garden (Tenant: William Baker, George Griggs)
90 O Dryden Smith Orchard and Moat
91 O Parish Officers Cottages and Gardens
92 O Elizabeth Slayter Cottage and Garden
93 O Samuel Boddington Two Cottages and Gardens
94 O Thomas Umney Two Cottages
95 O Sir John B Riddell (Baronet) Cottage and Garden
96 O Richard Shrieve Cottage and Garden
97 O Company of Mercers Bancroft
98 O Dryden Smith Close by Gardens
99 O Dryden Smith Captains Orchard
100 N Rev Alexander Cromleholme Allotment for Glebe Lands
101 O Charles Chester Esq, Wood Close
102 O Dryden Smith Upper Wood Close
103 O Dryden Smith Lower Wood Close
104 O Samuel Boddington Park Close
105 O Samuel Boddington Stockings
106 O Samuel Boddington Pond Stockings
107 N William Brooks First Allotment in New Pasture
150 O William Brooks Lukes Close
155 O Rev Alexander Cromleholme Part of a Garden
156 O Rev Alexander Cromleholme Corn Close
169 O James Joice Cottage and Garden
170 O Thomas Coleman Cottage and Garden
171 O Richard Fazey Cottage and Garden
172 O Thomas Saunders Cottage and Garden
173 O Henry Ward Cottage and Garden
174 O Robert Coleman Cottage and Garden
175 O James Joice Cottage and Garden
176 O John Clayton Home Close
177 O John Clayton Homestead
178 O Company of Mercers Old Homestead Yards and Close (Tenant: Benjamin Griggs)
179 O Rev Alexander Cromleholme Rectory Homestead
180a O John Clayton Part of Home Close taken in Exchange of the Mercers Company
196 O Marianne and Charlotte Hosea Part of Home Close, taken in Exchange of the Mercers Company

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Other dates: South east in 1300 - South east in 1580.

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